Xiaoyang Fragrant Sterilization Pure White Soapberry Concentrated Liquid Laundry Detergent Stain Removal

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Product specifications:

Bottled 2kg bottles + refill pack 500g packs


Main ingredients: water, coconut surfactant, soapberry extract, bamboo extract, chamomile extract, bamboo salt, auxiliaries

Scope of application: general clothing and cloth cleaning


product features:

Plant extract ingredients

Clean and brightening

Deep sterilization

Long-lasting fragrance


[Application scope] Used for cotton, polyester, chiffon, wool, synthetic fibers and blends, etc.


[Warm reminder]

※ Even if only one washing process is performed, it must be used with bleach or softener Use without affecting the cleaning effect.

※When rinsing more than twice, it is recommended to use tap water for the last rinse.

※Do not use on woolen or delicate clothing, or clothing with the following washing instructions.


Deep sterilization makes dressing more secure and

long-lasting fragrance, exuding a fresh and elegant fragrance,

clean and brightening, and preventing clothes from turning yellow and gray