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At Passion Gadgets, we strive to provide the best service for our customers. One of it is Instalment Payment Plans availability.


What is Instalment Payment?

A payment plan whereby you will pay off the amount of the item in a period of time, usually on monthly basis.


Why Instalment Payment?

It is convenient for you and it allows you to buy products that are high-cost for you, but need them for work or at home. Instalment payment plans can help ease the burden of taking out a huge sum to pay for something in one-go.


How does it work?

Instalment plans will divide the amount into your selected monthly plan (up to 36months). You will have to pay the agreed monthly amount on time and in full. Refer to the lists below for the monthly plans.


Passion Gadgets Instalment Payment Plans on Qoo10

Instalment plans for our products are available on Qoo10.
Kindly make your purchases at our stores on Qoo10; Passion Living or Passion Gadgets



Qoo10 has provided a few Instalment Payment Plans with 0% Interest rate!

UOB Credit Card

  • Minimum purchase amount of $200 in a single transaction
  • Payment over 3, 6, 12, or 24 months
  • Choose "MASTERCARD AND VISA" then choose "0 % Instalment Plan (Only UOB)"


DBS Credit Card

  • Minimum purchase amount of $200 in a single transaction
  • Payment over 6 months only
  • Choose "MASTERCARD AND VISA" then choose "0 % Instalment Plan (Only DBS)"



  • ANY Singapore-issued debit card only
  • Minimum purchase amount of $25 in a single transaction
  • Splits your total amount to 3 payment (Initial payment is collected at checkout while remaining sum is collected over the next 2 months)
  • Choose "RELY", you will be redirected to RELY. Follow as per instructed.
  • How it works: HERE

iPassion Instalment Plan

  • Instalment plans as low as 1.05% interest for 06 months, 09 months and 12 months.

Click HERE for more information.





Things to take note before opting for Instalment Payment Plans

  • 0% Interest Rate

Be well-informed that 0% interest rate is only applicable when you pay the amount you owe monthly, on time and in full. If you were to miss it by a day or do not pay the monthly amount in full; the 0% interest rate might be retracted and you will be charged accordingly to the bank's terms and conditions.


  • Reduced Credit Limit

Your credit card limit will be reduced according to the total cost of the item. Fret not, with each monthly payment made, it will increase by the monthly amount.

For example: Your credit limit is $2000. You have bought a scooter from us at $699 using a 6months instalment plan. Your credit limit will then be reduced to $1301. The cost of $699 will be divided into 6months, which means $116.50 per month. With every monthly payment paid, your credit limit will increase by $116.50; you get back what you paid to your credit limit.


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