Installation of Scooter under Deck LED Lights.
Maintenance and Repair of Scooters.
Speed Limit Services for electric scooters. We are able to set your preferred speed.
Tyre Sealant Services
Sticker wrapping services for scooter
Handle Bar Service
Change Inner Tube / Outer Tyre Service
Scooter Cleaning Service
Free Phone Charging Service
Free Replacement Scooter Rental




Bought a Fiido scooter Green color with Samsung battery today 25 July 2018 and was serve by the biggest guy there.. He is strong and friendly and will do anything to assist you.. 5 Stars staff
Walked into the shop, and while doing some thing else, Drayson came up to me and assisted with my scooter return process. Stopped what he was doing, and chop chop help me settle. In and out of the shop in less than 10 mins. Really efficient.