Installation of Scooter under Deck LED Lights.
Maintenance and Repair of Scooters.
Speed Limit Services for electric scooters. We are able to set your preferred speed.
Tyre Sealant Services
Sticker wrapping services for scooter
Handle Bar Service
Change Inner Tube / Outer Tyre Service
Scooter Cleaning Service
Free Phone Charging Service
Free Replacement Scooter Rental




Had my throttle damaged by my friend after he tested it on his scooter. Sent a WhatsApp in the morning and within a min received a reply from Drayson and when reached there he remembered what my issue was and explained what went wrong and why throttle can not swap. Got a new one and have it fixed with a Finger throttle. The workmanship was fantastic. Thank you passion Garget.
I bought a new charger. The same charger I am using was also from them that comes with the scooter i bought before also from them but unfortunately it is not anymore charging and it is out of warranty so I have to buy a new one.

Order online in the morning and collect in afternoon. The staffs are very accommodating and the female staffs are all cute, pretty and gorgeous. Hope the charger lasts. It comes with 6 months warranty.