[Japan Imported] Cockroach Repellent Gel Smokeless Indoor Insect Repellent, Reptile Nemesis Non Toxic Safe to Use Long Lasting

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Japan Cockroach Repellent 

✔️Effectively repelling cockroaches 
✔️Effectively repels a variety of pests
✔️Pesticide-free formula, plant-based, whole-house use
✔️All-round repelling of pests
✔️The use area of a single bottle of the deworming magic box is about 20 square meters. If the area is large, the number of bottles can be appropriately increased.
✔️Porous volatilization cover, effectively volatilize smell
✔️The smell interferes with its nervous system, and the pests feel uncomfortable and flee
✔️Pests quickly escape the magic box coverage area

✔️Product name: Insect Repellent Magic Box
✔️Validity period: 6 months after opening
✔️Scope of application: bedroom, bathroom, balcony, dining room, kitchen, etc.
✔️Objects: houseflies, cockroaches, mosquitoes, etc
✔️Capacity 120ml/non-weight due to carbon crystal material no accurate unit
✔️Duration:6 months after opening the cover, do not place the product on the engine or too close to the engine to avoid overheating and evaporation
✔️Product Efficacy: Make cockroaches uncomfortable by volatilizing the odor, and escape the scene to achieve the purpose of avoiding mice.
✔️This product is safe and reliable, It can be used in the car and home environment. In a low-ventilation environment, the home covers an area of 20 square meters.


  • After opening the bottle cap, remove the inner gasket of the bottle cap, then cover the cap back and place it in a safe place 


  • This product is for external use, and it is forbidden to take it;
  • Please place it out of reach of infants to avoid accidents;
  • If swallowed accidentally, please seek medical attention immediately;
  • This product is a volatile product, try to avoid direct sunlight.