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Electric Scooter / Unicycle FAQ

Q: Are E-scooters legal?
A: Definitely, although the rules and regulations regarding the use of such Personal Mobility devices are subjected to changes. This document Recommendations on Rules and Code of Conduct for Cycling and the Use of Personal Mobility Devices drafted by the Active Mobility Advisory Panel on 17 March 2016 may be used as a guide. 
We will keep a look out for updates regarding LTA regulations on e-scooters. 
Afterwhich, we will adjust our e-scooter offerings accordingly.
 In light of the proposed regulations,  the top speed of some of our scooters may surpass LTA proposed 
regulations. However, this can be easily remedied as we can perform an e scooter speed lock for you if 
you choose so.  
Q: How do I select an E-Scooter that is suitable for me?
A: There are a few factors to consider. Speed, weight and millage. 
peed: Although the power output varies with each model, the top speed of all models will have to be capped at 25km/hr in compliance with Land Transport Authority's guideline on personal mobility devices.
We do offer 
e scooter speed lock services to ensure that your scooter will comply will LTA requirements. 

Weight: Weight and form are crucial and often the determining factor when purchasing an E-scooter. Choose a weight that you are comfortable with. We recommend that you consider how the E-scooter will fit into your daily commute. 

Millage: The battery capacity varies with each model, you should give this careful considerations if you are planning to cover long distances on a single charge. Some model do offer fast charging. 

Q: Wow, that's a lot of factors to consider. Is there a way for me to try out the scooters before deciding?
A: Sure, you are most welcome to give our scooters a try. Kindly head down to our retail shop located at The Commerze@Irving, #01-15, 1 Irving Place, Singapore 369546. 
Entrance near Loading Bay (1 min walk from Tai Seng MRT Exit A).

Alternatively, you may be interested in our Electric Scooter Rental Services.

Q: What is the warranty policy for your scooters?
A: PassionGadgets warranty period varies for different models, kindly refer to the individual products page to see the warranty offered. We do offer extended warranty plans for a nominal top up. Warranty repairs are done in house at our service center.

Please click here for our warranty terms. 

Q: Is there any difference between PMD vs PAB?

A: Yes. PMD stands for Personal Mobility Devicies. Vehicles such as unicycles, hoverboards and electric scooters belong to this classification. Currenly, only regulations have been proposed to LTA and are not in force yet.

On the other hand, PAB refers to Personal Assisted Bikes. This refers to electric bikes. Regulations applicable to PAB are currently in force. All PAB are required to be checked and approved by LTA.
Those that satisfy LTA regulations will be affixed with a blue seal. More details can be found here.

If a seller claims that a PAB is LTA approved, you can verify this by looking out for the blue seal affixed by LTA. Do note that for PMD, there is no seal yet as regulations applicable to PMD are not in force.  

Trial to allow all-day access for folding bikes, personal mobility devices (PMD) on trains & buses starting Dec.


SINGAPORE - From Dec 1st 2016, bus & MRT commuters will be able to bring foldable bicycles & personal mobility devices (PMD) such as kick & e-scooters onto buses & MRT trains all day as part of a six-month trial as announced earlier by Minister for Transport, Mr. Khaw Boon Wan in July this year.
"This is another step taken by LTA to encourage more people to use public transport, and to adopt active mobility for the first and last mile of their daily public transport commutes," said a spokesman for the authority.

Commuters will be allowed to bring foldable bicycles and PMDS which meet the following dimensions:
Length up to 120cm
Height of 70cm
Width of 40cm

Most bikes and PMDs currently available on the market meet these standards.
These devices must be folded at all times, and switched off when brought on board MRT trains and buses. They are also not allowed on the staircases or upper decks of double-decker buses.

"This initiative integrates active mobility with our public transport system, and brings us closer to our aspiration for walking, cycling and riding public transport to be the best way to get around in Singapore," said Mr Jeremy Yap, deputy chief executive for public transport, policy and planning at LTA.

"Commuters will able to cycle or ride to nearby transport nodes, bring their foldable bicycles and personal mobility devices on board public transport, and complete their journeys on their devices."

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Q: How long does a polaroid Instax Mini photo last? Do Polaroid Instax pictures fade?
A: 100+ Years!
According to, the American National Standards Institute says that Polaroid films do not fade any faster than any other photographic medium, as long as they are properly stored. They say it takes more than 100 years for them to fade if stored in an archival quality album. Dark storage is recommended by Polaroid to prevent fading, and they claim their color dyes are very stable under these conditions.

Q: Does the polaroid camera come with warranty? 
A: Yes, it comes with 1 year warranty from the day/date of purchase. There are 2 years and 3 years extended warranty available if you top up as well. Read more about our 2 years / 3 years Warranty Policy,  Click here 

Q: Is it a must to buy the warranty? How long does an instax camera last before it malfunctions? 
A: We strongly advise customers to top up for our extended warranty. We are the only seller that offers genuine extended warranty and have well-trained in house technicians to repair the cameras. 

Q: What does the camera warranty cover?
A: Warranty covers everything except for physical and water damage. Please bring back your instax camera with the warranty seal that is pasted inside the camera to our retail store for our technician to diagnose. Warranty does not cover accessories (films, bags, covers, albums, photo clips, photo stands, stickers). 

Q: How do I claim my warranty? ( Powerbank, Dongle, and other Gadgets )
Our personnel will paste a unique PassionGadgets warranty seal in your instax camera/gadgets. This is to verify that the instax/gadgets were bought from PassionGadgets. Before bringing your camera down to our office please contact us to make an appointment. 

Q: Do you repair instax cameras that are not bought from PassionGadgets? 
Yes. We take in repairs for instax cameras even though it is not purchased from PassionGadgets. As long as your instax camera model falls within these categories, (mini 7s, 8, 25, 50, 55i, 200, 210, 90) we will definitely be able to repair your instax camera.

Please beware of online scams.

All the instax cameras are made by Fujifilm Factory in China. There is no "Made in Japan" instax camera as there is no manufacturing factory in Japan. 

Do read the links below for News regarding two teenage girls who were arrested for pocketing more than $10,000 through online Facebook scam. They "sold" Polariod cameras and films but failed to produce the goods that customers paid for.


Ordering & Payment 

Q: How is overseas shipping handled?

We offer Worldwide Shipping for our international customers. All international orders are sent via Air Parcel through Singapore Post, Singapore's largest postal service provider and leading regional logistics company. The package takes 5-17 working days to reach you upon dispatch at the post office, depending on your destination country. 

Q: Can I self-collect my order? (Within Singapore)

A: We provide self-collection for bulky items/ bulk orders at Leong Huat Building. If you prefer to self-collect your merchandises instead of having them mailed out, you may either
(1) Visit the retail store (1 Irving Place #01-15) to cash & carry 
(2) Order via & choose self collection at our retail place, we will prepare your item and inform you when it is ready for collection. Our retail place is a minute walk away from Tai Seng MRT Exit A.
We will arrange via email upon confirmation of a self-collection appointment.  

Before making your way down, please check that we have authorised the self-collection appointment.
This is to ensure that your order is ready for collection.

Q: How do I know if my order is successfully submitted and when to make payment?  
Our personnel will drop an online message to notify you to make payment within 24 hours. 

Q: How do I know if my order is being shipped out? 
A: Our personnel will drop a online message to inform you of the date that we will be sending out your order.

Q: How long do I need to wait for my order to be processed? 
(1) Weekdays: Cut-off time for order processing is 1800 hrs, any orders coming in after that will be followed-up on the next working day. 
(2) Weekends (Saturday): Cut-off time for order processing is 1600 hrs, any others order coming in after that will be followed-up on the next working day, Monday.  
We will usually send out the order in 1 to 2 days.  

Q: Can I track my order? 

A: Yes, all delivery options (except Singapore Normal Mail) offered within Singapore and for international customers comes with a tracking number. For international customers, you will be notified of the tracking number once your order has shipped, and you can visit to track your parcel.  

Q: What payment modes do you accept? 

A: We accept internet bank transfer (Please use FAST transfer)
PayPal (Visa/Mastercard, surcharge applies and are non-refundable
Shopee Mobile app to make Credit Card payment 
Strictly no cash deposit is allowed ( charges will be applicable and borne by customer )  

Our bank account information:
Swift Code: UOVBSGSG 
Name of account: iPassion Group Pte Ltd

Bank Account: 3583051269
Bank Code:  7375
Branch Code: 446

Q: I made an online order and chose Singapore Normal Mail, I have yet to receive? 

A: We encourage customer to choose registered delivery as it comes with tracking number allowing you to track the parcel status. We are not responsible for any lost mail in the event customer opt for Normal Mail as this shipping method does not come with a tracking number. 

You may place an order with us by completing and submitting the order and payment form on the site or by dropping us a email at . You are responsible for ensuring the accuracy of all orders and its details.
All orders will be deemed to be irrevocable and unconditional upon transmission through the site, and we shall be entitled, but not obliged, to process such order(s) without your further consent, reference or notice to you. 

Q: My item (polariod camera/cable/powerbank/hoverboard/scooter ...) is faulty, where do I bring it to and what must I bring along? 

A: Customer are to bring along the warranty card/warranty paper (for scooter/hoverboard/kick scooter). 
For powerbank/camera,cable, other small items, there will be a warranty seal pasted, bring back the item + packaging back to our service center at Leong Huat Building #05-08. 

Q: Other places are selling the same item at a lower price, are you able to match their offer?
A; No matter how confident we are in our low prices, we realize that from time to time we may be unaware of a lower offer from our competitiors. 
If you manage to find the same item with a lower price, we promise to match or better the price (Subject to case by case basis) 

Our only condition is that you provide us a link to the lower price product, that it is from a genuine e-commerce website and not from eBay or any other auction site and that the product is in stock.

Q: I have received a defective product? 

A: We will ensure all our items are free from defects before sending them out. However, some defects may be sustained in transit. Please contact us immediately. We request that you take a photo of the defective product and email it to .