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Who we are


We are not your regular retail outfit. We are the premier retail service for the most up to date PMDs, accessories, and tech gadgets. We are the driven crew who continues to serve you long after a sale has been made.
But we are also much more. 

We are the team that sold more units of Instax Share and Mini 90 than the local agent before launch day. We are the ones who parallel imported latest Airwheel and Pringo Printer when the local agent couldn’t. We are the crazy bunch continuously trying to challenge the limits.

The Passion Story

Our journey began in 2007 as a humble gadgets retailer operating out of a home-based set up. Our business model maintained small and intimate, providing most of our services in person.

Over the years, we have grown, now offering a wider array of products and services. Be that as it may, we remain true to our roots, upholding our core business model to provide you with affordable prices and top-tier service.

We've kept that personal touch from our early years, maintaining our focus on providing a warm and friendly customer environment for you.

Even now, our team stays with you at every step of the journey as you endeavour to chase after your passions. From the moment you enter our storefront, till long after your purchase, our dedicated team seeks to provide and maintain the best, most reliable and enjoyable experience for you.

We set up Passion Kites for the Kite enthusiasts, offer Instax products for you to capture those precious moments, and PMDs so you can chase your passions for further, and faster.

We will, as we have, continue to push ourselves to the forefront of novelty and innovation to bring you up to date gadgets, at affordable prices.

Gadgets to live your Passion

Our Promise

We believe that our customers deserve the best price, quality, and service.

  • 100% Customer Satisfaction

Service in our products and the services they receive, both during and after the purchase.

Basically, we will serve you as best as we can and reach you as fast as we can. Simple as that

  • Quality 
    We will provide you with only products of the utmost quality. Be assured that each and every item in our catalog has been thoroughly checked by our team to ensure that you receive only quality, functional products.
  • Price 
    We offer competitive prices for all gadgets and accessories. Rest assured that our team consistently reviews market prices for all our products to give you the best price possible.

We will continue to provide you with the best service and strive to bring you quality gadgets/equipment at great prices.


Our Team

Our crew is comprised of teams of driven individuals, each focused on bringing satisfaction to you, our customers.

Our team of warm and friendly service staff will find the optimal solution to your mobility needs.

Our delivery staff race to bring your order to you as soon as physically possible.

Our team of expert technicians will provide the best after sales service to maintain your product in peak condition long after purchase.

Thank you for all your wonderful support.

~Regards from Passion team.

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