Xiaomi Xiaolang Sterilizer Cabinet Portable UV Disinfection Desktop Sterilization Milk Bottle utensils Youpin HD-ZMXDJ01

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Number 1 in Singapore for Baby Bottle Sterilizer

Cheaper compare to Haenim uPang Hanil Pigeon Lunavie Spectra Lollababy Mamon Tommee Philips Avent UV sterilizer steriliser

Low Noise at 57.3dB

Hold up to 9 baby bottles on top tray and 9 bottles on bottom tray.

Suitable Sterilise Baby Bottle & Breast Pump too

Sun-drying or water boiling disinfection can't eliminate potential bacteria, and high-temperature disinfection could deform or melt some objects and produce harmful substances. Our desktop portable disinfection cabinet uses the UV disinfection and sterilization commonly used in the medical field, which could effectively remove bacteria, as well as the material being disinfected is not unrestricted.
Say goodbye to traditional disinfection methods!

UV disinfection; No dead angle sterilization; Easy operation, Window door design; Disinfection work at a glance; Leakproof material, no fear of radiation effects
Pull-out shelf—Pull-out design for easy access, Built-in induction night light. Non-slip mat —Bottom four-corner anti-slip mat

Thick material. The surface is flat, the carrying capacity is strong, and the quality is more durable. Loadable, replaceable, multi-layer, intelligent storage.
Strengthen thicker materials. Widened chassis, non-toxic, odorless, corrosion-resistant and easy to clean.
Intelligent control, effective and simple,
Effectively eliminate odor, absorb fine dust in the air, and purify the air inside the cabinet.
Ultraviolet light sterilization, to ensure the clean and safe tableware
Easy to disassemble, wide-angle cover can be rotated and disassembled, easy to take the tableware, easy to care and clean

  • UV disinfection; No dead angle sterilization; Easy operation

  • Window door design; Disinfection work at a glance; Leakproof material, no fear of radiation effects
  • Pull-out shelf—Pull-out design for easy access
  • Built-in induction night light
  • Non-slip mat —Bottom four-corner anti-slip mat
  • 304 Stainless Steel
  • UV Light Lamp lifespan estimate 8000+ hrs

Specifications :

Color White
Rated power 85W
Rated voltage 220V~50Hz
Rated capacity 18L
Product size 325*290*395mm

Package Includes:
1 x Disinfection Cabinet
1 x Stainless steel shelf 
1 x English Instruction manual

  • Dry heating mode. 45- 55 deg C
  • Storage mode (Sterilize incoming air to prevent contamination during storage)
  • Storage: 18L
  • Size: 285 x 315 x 400mm (External)
  • Size: 253 x 275 x 330mm ( Internal)
  • Volume: 15480cm3
  • Auto Mode:
    The screen indicates 45min total,
    5s blinking lights,
    30min heat drying Pre UVc Mode,
    10min UVc germ-killing,
    5min heating Post UVc mode,
    lastly storage mode.
  • UV mode:
    5s blinking signal. UVc for 7min(5min UVc + 2 min ventilation),
    12min(10min UVc+2min Ventilation),
    17min (15min UVc + 2min Ventilation) choice.
  • Dry mode:
    5s Blinking signal.
    Heat drying 30min, 40min,50min, 60min
  • Storage mode:
    UVc mode 1min, Heat drying 2min, Stop work, every 4 hours repeat 1 + 2 min UVc and heat.
    Total 12hr cycle.


How to clean baby sterilizer?

Wipe it down with moist cloth both internally and externally. Clean and rinse the internal tray periodically. Run the automated function once to allow it to dry and sterilize it. 

Can we use vinegar, citric acid to descale baby sterilizer?

Please only use normal soap or wet cloth to clean the equipment. There is no scaling form as this method of sterilising involves only Ultra Violet light. UVC. Thus no water is being used.

What baby steriliser is the best?

There are different methods of sterilising baby items. 

1) Cook under boiling water

2) Steam steriliser

3) UV Steriliser (Current product)

All of the above will kill germs. However, 1st two method will require you to dry the item prior to use. And that drying process will take time. 

For eg. Washing of baby items, follow by boiling it or steam sterilise it, then leave it to air dry. In this method, it will involve different steps, in the mids contamination might occur due to air drying. 

On the other side, it might be more tedious for parents to sterilise soft toys. Leaving item to be dam for quite sometime. 

For UVC steriliser, its much easier as you deposit items inside the machine "Sheltered under clean environment" and it stays contamination-free during the storage process prior to usage. 

What does a UVC baby steriliser do?

It effectively works because UV-C light is strong enough to destroy the genetic material -- either DNA or RNA -- of viruses and bacteria.

Is it the same as sterilise if you use microwave on baby items?
No its completely different, microwave is electromagnetic wave with a wavelength in the range 0.001–0.3 m, shorter than that of a normal radio wave but longer than those of infrared radiation. Microwaves are used in radar, in communications, and for heating in microwave ovens and in various industrial processes. It does not kill any bacteria or virus.

Is this a baby steriliser and dryer?

Yes its more than just a baby steriliser and dryer, it is also a clean storage area.

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