Xiaomi Mijia Soap Refill Smart Hand Washing Machine Automatic Sensor Soap refills 320ml

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Soap Refill only, Dispenser not included


Clear Antibacterial
Effectively inhibits daily bacteria and provides healthy and safe care for the family. Its scent is a floral fragrant berry with a fresh citrus scent. The rich layer makes the scent more youthful while pampering, as if it is a pleasant and refreshing holiday.

Top notes: Green apple, berry, lemon

Scent: Rose, jasmine, bergamot Fragrance: Sandalwood


Pink Amino Acid
Natural coconut oil is used as raw material, and the texture is mild. Special amino acid raw materials are added, and the long-lasting moisturizing is not tight. The scent is composed of Qingrun Linglan intertwined with a sweet orange flower aroma, the texture is mild, the fruity hydration and freshness set off a watery rhyme, which is a pleasure and happiness.

Top notes:
Linglan, orange blossom, citrus
Scent: Pear, apple, cucumber
Fragrance: Peruvian incense


• Two Optional Liquid Soap With Different Effects: Xiaomi automatic soap dispenser provides two types of hand sanitizers with different effects, including the antibacterial type and the amino acid type. The former can strongly inhibit bacteria growth while the latter can moisturize and care for your hands.

• Sealed Design Lowers Contamination Risk: The liquid bottle uses a sealed design, leaving only micron-sized holes and lowering the chances of outer contacts to minimize the risk of contamination.

• Large Volume Design: The large volume of 320mL (10.8oz) is enough for 400 times of use for about 50 days of need for an average family.

• Low Price: It has almost the same price as the hand sanitizers in a supermarket, so you don’t need to worry to spend large money on the refill.

• Volume-Checked With Clear Design: The half see-through liquid bottle allows you to check on the left volume, so as to get a refill in advance.


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