Wanya Electric Mosquito Repellent Odourless Device and Repellent Liquid

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⭐[Chlorine-free formula] [Original solution + solvent 100% imported from Japan]

Special for pregnant women and children

Product specifications: 45ml (Each Bottle)


  • Long-lasting mosquito repellent
  • No chlorine
  • No added DEET
  • Suitable for Pregnant Women and Infants
  • Suitable for family

Wanya Electric Odorless Mosquito Repellent can effectively repel mosquitoes for up to 40 nights. It protects you and your loved ones to have a safe and sound sleep. A bottle of Wanya Repellent Liquid can effectively repel mosquitoes in a 34m room size if used for 8 hours per night.

⭐Preparation and Usage

  1. Remove the bottle cap.
  2. Screw the liquid up to the heather.
  3. Keep the liquid inserted vertically into the socket
  4. Press the duckbill switch to turn on the heater


  1. Start using it half an hour before going to bed.
  2. Minimize indoor air circulation during use.
  3. The electric mosquito liquid should be placed in the upper seal as much as possible, and the surface should not cover any objects.
  4. Wash your hands after touching the mosquito liquid to prevent accidental entry.
  5. Remove the liquid bottle when not used for a long time, and save it in the dark.