Virus Shut Out Japan Anti Bacteria Card Portable Tomit Space shutout

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???? Influenza, new response to the virus ????
New generation of broad @ - @ effect powerful fungicide!!
Ability to effectively block fine suspended particles, pollen, dust, etc.
Reducing exposure to infectious diseases ????

✔ For one month in a row
✔ Effective range body radius within 50cm
✔ Experiments have proved to inhibit the virus, bacterial growth
✔ Harmless to human beings

【Commodity specifications】
Name of product: Space sterilization card
Specifications: 55mm x 80mm x 5mm (excluding neck strap)
Brands: Toamit
Origin: Japan
Purpose: Space disinfection antibacterial
Packaging contents: air fresh bag 1 pc, lanyard 1 pc
Applicable place: bus, express transportation, crowded public places such as shopping malls

Method of use: Remove the bacteria removal card, wear the lanyard on the body, please use it immediately after opening the seal
Principle of action: The virus in the surrounding air is decomposed through the continuous release of harmless chlorine dioxide through interaction with the air

【Commodity characteristics】
The main ingredient is cio2 (chlamydia chloride dioxide)),
For a new generation of widely recognized powerful fungicides.
Colorless and tasteless, harmless to human beings,
Can resist bacterial viruses within a radius of 50cm and protect yourself at any time.
Suitable for young children, children, pregnant women, the elderly,
Commute to work or stay in a closed space for long periods of time are available.