Seika KA 4-in-1 Laundry Detergent 36pods/tub 36 capsules 60pods/tub 60 capsules

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Say goodbye to messy spillage and troublesome manual measurement of laundry with combined cleaning, antibacterial and deodorising power with this water-souluble capsule that easily dissolves. Just one capsule is all you need for softer, cleaner and fresher-smelling laundry.


Country of Origin -Japan



1. Put Laundry Capsule directly into the drum (Do not put into detergent drawer to prevent clogging)

2. Add in laundry

3. Press Start



1. 1 Capsule for 6kg

2. 2 Capsules for > 7kg - 12kg



1. Do not eat

2. Keep out of reach to children

3. Do not cut or puncture nor handle with wet hands

4. Harmful if swallowed therefore, please consult a doctor immediately

5. If product gets into eyes, rinse immediately with water for several minutes and consult a doctor.


36 Capsules


60 capsules 



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