Ridenow Inner Tube patch kit 28inch 700c Lightweight 36g SV65 65mm For Road Bike 16inch 349 19g 18inch SV45 foldie light

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1. SV45mm 19g
For 16/18inch
Suitable bicycle tire:16*1.1/16*1.35/16*1.4/18*1.1/18*1.35

2. SV65mm 36g
Suitable for:
700 x 18c
700 x 23c
700 x 25c
700 x 28c
700 x 30c
700 x 32c

3. Patch kit
For permanent sealing for all Ridenow products
Kit comes with:
- 6 small patches
- 6 large patches
- 5 alcohol tissues
- 1 tube of glue

Ridenow ultra-lightweight inner tubes made from Thermoplastic Polyurethane elastomer (TPU) material
- 70% less weight than regular butyl rubber inner tubes
- 50% less space in the pocket bright and colourful colours for easy identification

Resistance testing done by Ridenow
- Average speed 32kmh 110 psi. Using corsa 25c 1 hour average testing.
- Our tube uses only 8.7w, Tubolito tubo road 9.9w, Continental race28 11.2W.

Hence, lesser rolling resistance.

Save up to 100g per wheel. 200g per pair! (comparing to regular butyl rubber inner tube)

WARNING!!!!! - Do not inflate the tube without mounting with tyre on the wheelset.

The inner tube should not be inflated a lot when the outer tube is not installed, otherwise it will cause irreversible damage.

Before installation, slightly inflate to check for air leakage.

When installing, please inflate 0.5PSI first, make sure the inner tube is close to the inner wall of the tire when inflating, and then press and adjust the inner tube.

If the vacant pump exceeds 6PSI, the expansion will not be repaired, and it is strictly forbidden to exceed 6PSI without the tire installed.

Ultralight inner tubes

Lightweight, small, anti-ageing

Ridenow ultra-lightweight inner tubes
Made from thermoplastic polyurethane elastomer (TPU) material 
70% less weight than regular butyl rubber inner tubes 
50% less space in the pocket 
Bright and colourful colours for easy identification




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