Refill for 3D Drawing Pen REFILL 100 metre

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D9,d12, D15
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3D Printer Pen Filament 20 Colors 5M Printing Filament Diameter ABS 1.75mm for 3D Drawing Printer Pen

3D printer material filament of 1.75 mm
Suitable for all 3D printer, 3D Pen
3D Printer Filament 1.75mm ABS/PLA
Material: ABS or PLA  
20pcs in one Box



Is there a difference between ABS and PLA? Yes, there are many. For one thing, PLA is made from plant-based materials, so there’s less fumes to contend with if you’re working in an enclosed space. ABS is oil-based, so there is a noticeable – and sometimes strong, depending on how long the printer is running – petroleum smell.

Both PLA and ABS are sandable, paintable, and bondable.
Finer detail can be extracted from PLA, but this material can tend toward brittleness and floppy, curled edges. While you don’t need to have a heated printer bed to use PLA, it does benefit from one. A cooling process is also required.

ABS is a bit more flexible, and it does not require a cooling process. However it may crack or warp if you’re not careful about the structure of your object. ABS has a higher melting temperature, and it needs polyimide tape for best adherence. While PLA can adhere to many things.