3M/4.5M Reno Dust Tape Protection Plastic Cover Dustproof Furniture Protective Film Anti-Dust painting HDB HIP Renovation

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"Transform your home improvement efforts with our Home Improvement Plastic Dust Covers. These covers are designed to be your trusted companions in keeping your home, furniture, and valuable items in pristine condition. 

Dust Protection: Our covers provide an effective barrier against dust, dirt, and debris. Say goodbye to the endless battle of cleaning and dusting. These covers do the hard work for you, ensuring your belongings stay cleaner for longer.

Moisture Resistance:  Built with moisture-resistant properties, these covers shield your items from spills and accidental liquid mishaps. Keep your furniture and equipment safe from the damaging effects of moisture.

Furniture Care:  Protect your cherished furniture from scratches, fading, and everyday wear and tear. Our covers act as a shield, preserving the beauty and longevity of your furnishings.

Versatile Application:  These covers are not limited to just one use. They're versatile enough to protect various items in your home, whether it's your favorite piece of furniture, electronics, or cherished collectibles. With a range of sizes available, you can find the perfect fit for any item.

Clear and Transparent:  Enjoy the convenience of knowing what's underneath. Our clear plastic covers let you see your items without needing to uncover them, making identification and display effortless.

Reno Dust Tape, measuring 3cm x 20m. This tape acts as a reliable companion to seal and secure the edges of your dust covers, ensuring comprehensive coverage and protection for your belongings.

Easy Cleaning:  When it's time for a clean-up, our covers are low-maintenance. Wipe them down with ease or rinse them off for quick and hassle-free maintenance.


Invest in the future of your home by choosing Home Improvement Plastic Dust Covers. Experience the benefits of a cleaner, safer, and more organized living space. Say goodbye to the constant battle against dust and moisture, and say hello to hassle-free maintenance and long-lasting protection. "