Panasonic CR2 Industrial Lithium Battery

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CR2 Panasonic
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⭐Panasonic CR2 Industrial Lithium Batteries⭐

Note: Price is for 1 piece only

✔️Non-Rechargeable Batteries. One time use only.

✔️Suitable for various photography equipment. Shutter remote, Instax Camera etc.

✔️Suitable For Instax mini 25s, mini 50s, mini 55i camera, polariod cameras, Instax Share SP-1 printer, SLR Camera, flashlights, photographic equipments

✔️Panasonic Industrial Lithium CR2 batteries provide a long lasting high amount of power for small appliances. The CR2 is often used in digital cameras, other photographic equipment, headlight and smoke detectors.
✔️Powerful lithium technology

Brand: Panasonic

Size: CR2
Technology: Photo Industrial Lithium
Voltage: 3V
Height: 27 mm
Diameter: 15.6 mm
Weight: 11.08 g

Nominal capacity: 850mAh

Operating temeprature: -20°C to +60°C
Expires: Years 2032


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