Ninebot segway 7in1 Protective gear set includes a helmet knee pads elbow pads and palm pads

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Brand: Ninebot
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Thick high-grade material, easy to wear, sweat-resistant, water-resistant, fashionable and comfortable. 
One helmePt, two wrist guards, two knee and elbow pads. 
Simple and smooth, stainless button, perfect experience in every detail. 
PE cold-resistant material, like a bowl, shock-resistant, lessen the harm to your knees. 
Flat cap design for longevity and stability. 
A necessity you need to have a ultimate protection for your body during the sport movements. 

Head Size:57-58cm(from forehead hair root to back skull hump)
Knee,Elbow,Wrist Size: 43cm / 26cm / 18cm
Fit for People: Approx. 160-175cm tall; 50.5-60.3kg weight
Product Weight and Size: M Size, Please refer to the actual sizes in the package 
Package Weight: Approx. 1620g / 7.7oz 
Package Size: Approx. 27.5 * 27.5* 22.5cm / 7.8 * 3.51 * 1.3in 

a, Please choose this item according to your actual head size and weight. 
b, Safe button and paste of each protective part should be tightly fixed 
c, Protective parts(especially for helmet)should abandon or reuse before thoroughly tests. 
d, Pay attention to maintain them well, don't wash them with corrosive agent. 
e, These parts can be normally kept in 2 years, please change as the actual need. 
f, Don't refit the protective parts. 
g, Correctly suit can decrease the harm during exercises, but please do avoid some too dangerous motions. 

Package List: 
1 * Helmet 
2 * Wrist guads 
2 * Elbow pads 
2 * Knee Pads



Out door or on the street, when you fall from the scooter to the solid ground, it may hurt you badly, now you need a ultimate protective outfit for help.