Meilan M4 BT4.0 Bluetooth Wireless Speedometer

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Meilan M4 BT4.0 Bluetooth Wireless Bike Computer

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Meilan M4 BT4.0 Bluetooth Wireless Bike Computer


Installation: +$10


M4-user (4)aC


Function of the Keys and Ports in device



Long press: On/off Key

Short press: Transfer of the backlight intensity, 2 levels for options




Short Press: Enter into Set mode; Short press again and Drop out this functional

Move the left/right key after you enter into the state, select the area

where the data name is located in. Press || to transfer to the data name you want to show, till to  the target one




Short Press: Under set mode: select the item above. Under the cycling state

press the key by hand and record the LAP number, 1, 2, 3.. Under historic

record browsing state, check the LAP record of this record

Please note: LAP training state must be used under the record mode; Must

press || to start recording




Long Press: Stop the record

Short Press: Start of recording or Suspend




Long press: Long press, Start to scan the history record; Long press again,

exit the history record. At the end of each cycling the device will

automatically generate a record of the current cycling. Long press to drop

out. Press the middle button to switch to the average or maximum value

Short press: Under cycling state, switch the displayed data; Under historic

record browsing state, check next riding record: Under set mode, select the

next data or next item