Medshark C1 Handheld USB UVC Light Disinfection UV Lamp UV-C Sterilizer

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Products Description:

[UV Lamp]: The super imported UVC-LED can reach 265-270 nm, which can be quickly and effectively disinfected.
[Works Well]: The portable disinfection gun is experimentally proven to eliminate up to 99% in seconds!
[Easy to Use]: This deep UV disinfectant is powered by a rechargeable built-in battery. You can use it to scan where you want to disinfect.
[Multifunctional]: Use a UV sterilizer to clean clothes, glasses, telephones, and other household items, and keep rooms, closets, and household items clean.
[Easy to Carry]: The small size and lightweight make it ideal for business travel, hotels, homes and offices.


Type: Portable UV Sterilizer
Model: C1
Color: White
Quantity: 1 pc
Material: ABS
Battery capacity: 300mAh
A built-in battery charge time: Approximately 30 minutes (5V .2A standard)
The use of built-in battery number of times: Approximately 30 times (at the time of full charge for *30 time of once ten minutes)
The number of UV-C lights: Two
The number of buttons: One
Ultraviolet rays wavelength: 265-270nm
Charging interface: Type-C
Size: 114*35*28mm
Net weight: 38g/1.26oz

Usage process:
Press and hold the POWER button to start sterilizing gun;
UVC-LED is on, ready to use;
Keep to the target area
Within 5 cm, direct irradiation for 8 seconds or even scan for 3-5 times to finish killing.

Multi-function indicator light description:
1. During operation, the top four white lights will be on once every 1 second,
and the four white lights will stop flashing Indicates that the target area has completed periodic killing;
2. When charging, the green power light at the bottom will flash,
and it will be full for about 30 minutes. After full charging Power light off;

Note: Do not look directly into the UV light, do not shine on the skin

Following Items available:

  • Used in daily life, chopsticks, masks, spoons, dishes, telephone handsets, desk, toilets, public places, automobile, etc,

Package Included:

  • 1 x Medshark C1 Portable UV Sterilizer
  • 1 x TYPE-C charging cable