Magura 160mm Storm SL.2 Disc Rotor

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Magura 160mm Storm SL Disc Rotor

  • STORM SL ( The ultimate disc brake rotor)
  • Optimised rotor geometry for extreme temperature absorption without disc warping
  • Perfect friction balance between brake pad and rotor for maximum braking power in all conditions, even after extremely long and difficult descents
  • Wider brake surface prevents tipping of brake pads. This optimises brake modulation without squeaking or brake pad judder
  • Bigger surface for optimised heat dispersion through more and bigger cut outs
  • Through latest FEM-calculations optimised transitions between brake surface, spoke and fixing ring. Therefore massive weight reduction by equally high stiffness
  • Optimised production processes creating zero fault rate and therefore allowing further refinements and weight savings without sacrificing strength and durability
  • Even less wear than predecessor
  • Aggressive race design

Product features

- Model: STORM SL

- Disc: IS 6-hole (Centerlock compatible in conjunction with new Centerlock adapter)

- Diameter: 180mm

- Material: High performance steel

- Weight: 115g + 12g (Bolts)