Litepro Aluminium Alloy Seatpost 31.8*580MMFolding Foldable Bike Seat Tube Bicycle Part for Pikes Brompton 3Sixty 31.8mm

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Brand: Litepro
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Applicable For Most Foldies On The Market: Java / Sava / Crius / Norris / POLICE / Dahon / Master D / Element / Trinx


Material: Aluminium Alloy
Diameter: 31.8mm
Length: 580mm
Colour Available: Black / Red / Gold / Silver / Oil Slick

Size: 31.8mm x 580mm
Weight: approx 300g+
Max weight Limity: 80kg 
Foldie bike user friendly and compatible for most brand and models,


✅High performance aluminium alloy folding bicycle seat post pole, high strength, strong, sturdy

✅The adjustable collet can adjust the seat inclination angle for most comfortable riding

✅Calibration on surface helps to raise height of saddle to ensure rider a comfortable riding experience

✅Ultra light, ultra fine, all CNC seat / seat lever.

✅The balance collet can adjust the seat inclination angle continuously.

✅The fixture adopts special tubular design with higher strength! Suitable for Dahon folding bikes upgrades!

✅The super-light seats tube of this folding car is made of high strength aluminum alloy, with high hardness, lightweight, small burden, outstanding wear resistance, corrosion resistance, easy to carry and install.