KRSEC Oil Slick Reflective Stem Clamp for Bicycle Ebike Escooter bike

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Brand: KRSEC
Product name: CNC Clamp stem

Color: Oil slick color [Vacuum PVD coating coloring]
Material: 7075 aluminum alloy
Specification: 28.6*31.8*50MM (front fork diameter * handlebar diameter * length)
Weight: 167g

The short stem makes the steering more flexible, and the long one makes the steering more flexible, so the short stem is matched with the long handlebar, which is stable in flexibility, so we often use it for off-road, downhill and heavy-taste riders.

On the contrary, the long stem is matched with the short handlebar, and it is flexible in steering stability.

Therefore, the common drivers who like racing are all this combination. What's more, some drivers have reversed the stem for the pursuit of more Comfortable angle.

No matter what kind of combination it is, it has a certain reason, and the main purpose is to make the driver stronger, faster and safer!