HUMIDIFIER SOLUTIONS Essential Oil /Scented Oils for Humidifiers [3 x 10ml]

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HUMIDIFIER SOLUTIONS Essential/Scented Oil for Oil Burner/Diffuser/Humidifier [3 x 10ml]

Types of Aromatherapy Oil (3in1)

1. Lavender Field + Relaxing + Sleep Time (deep sleep)
Lavender is an herb. The flower and the oil of lavender are used to make medicine.
Lavender is commonly used for anxiety, restlessness, insomnia, depression, headache, and pain
Lavender has sedating effects and might relax certain muscles. It also seems to have antibacterial and antifungal effects.
* Good for people with depression, anxiety disorder, insomnia, and frequent panic attacks that wants better sleep.

2. Osmanthus + Turkish Rose + Jasmine (calmness)
Osmanthus oil is rich in polyphenol compounds, which help in relieving the fatigue, stress, and depression. It also helps in reducing physical stress by calming down the nerves and muscles. Hence, we commonly use it in aromatherapy treatment centers to offer relief. Using a few drops in a diffuser can also help improve concentration and relieve stress.
Turkish Rose oil produces a soothing, revitalizing, and refreshing effect on the skin. Its antioxidant properties soften and soothe the skin as it moisturizes 
Jasmine Oil can effectively reduce depressive symptoms. A study that looked at jasmine essential oil found that when compared to a placebo, jasmine oil increased behavioral arousal.
This included significant increases in blood oxygen saturation, breathing rate, and blood pressure. The participants in the jasmine oil group also reported feeling more alert. The researchers concluded that the stimulating and activating effect of jasmine oil could be useful for relieving depression and improving mood. Another study published in the Journal of Health Research examined the effects of jasmine oil inhalation on the central nervous system and mood. When inhaled, jasmine oil affected brain activity and mood states and the participants reported feeling more positive, energetic, and romantic.

3. Ocean + Fresh White Musk + Sakura (relaxation) 
A smell of ocean to relive back some life, some people are busy working that they become so tensed. So this 3 smell will bring back some energy and be calm.