Hito X4 Bicycle 20/22inch Foldable Bike Sport Rim Shimano HITO Official Authorized Singapore Distributor Lankeleisi / Java / Hachiko / Dahon / Crius

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*Free gifts are on a while-stock-last basis, and subject to change without prior notice

Comes with freebies 1 year (worth $50):

✔️Free Mudguard
✔️Free Bell
✔️Free Bike Key Lock

Comes with freebies 2/4/6 years (worth $259):

✔️Free Mudguard
✔️Free Bell
✔️Free Bike Key Lock

✔️Free Gold Mini Air Pump
✔️Free Water Bottle Holder
✔️Free Rechargeable Front Headlight
✔️Free Rechargeable Rear LED Light
✔️Free Korea Hand Sanitiser

✔️FREE 1-time Bike Servicing. (U.P. $40/time)
✔️FREE Lifetime Brakes Adjustment. (U.P. $15/time)
✔️FREE Lifetime Gear Tuning. (U.P. $15/time)
✔️FREE Lifetime Shaky Stem Tightening. (U.P $30/time)
✔️FREE 2/4/6 years Bike Frame Manufacturing Defect, 1 year parts Warranty Coverage
*Optional Warranty Years Extension
*Free gifts are on a while-stock-last basis, and subject to change without prior notice

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✔️Brake Adjustment
✔️Shaky Stem Tightening
✔️Tire & Tube Replacement (labour only)
✔️General Bike Adjustments (Tire Pressure Check)
✔️Drivetrain Cleaning and Lubricating
✔️Tightening of Nuts and Bolts
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yesOfficial HITO Singapore Authorised Distributor (www.HitoBike.sg)

  • PassionGadgets is Hito Official Authorised Distributor in Singapore
  • 100% Authentic
  • Test Ride Available
  • All bikes are assembled and tuned by our Mechanic.

HITO X4 Pro Foldable Bicycle!
✅ Design in Germany with 6yrs Frame Warranty.
✅ Equipped with Japan Shimano 7 Speed.
✅ Dolphin Aluminum frame with Bottle Holder mount and lighter weight compare to Hito X6.
✅ Suitable for rider height 1.2m to 1.85cm.
✅ Max Rider Weight: 160KG

✅An improved model with Bottle Holder Screw, 20inch Spoke Rim Tire 20x1.5 wider width
✅Better model compare to Hito X6 as come with bottle holder screws + lighter weight + easy folding
✅Uniquely strong and lightweight
✅Design from Germany
✅Able to put 2 bicycles in car boot and bring along in public transport
✅Folding size of 60cm * 85cm
✅Dolphin folding frame
✅Comfortable seat
✅Suitable for both male and female riders


  • Brand: Hito
  • Free upgrades:  Aluminum wide pedals 
  • Comes with Bell, Kickstand, Front & Rear Mudguards 
  • Frame: 7005 Aviation Aluminum Alloy Light Weight Frame
  • Wheel: 20” X 1.5" Lightweight Magnesium Alloy Rims
    20inch = 406mm
    22inch = 451mm
  • Front and Back Disc Break
  • Shifter/Derailleur - 7 Speed “SHIMANO “
  • Comfortable Cushion German Design
  • Weight: approx 13kg
  • Rider Height:135-185cm
  • Rider Max Load: 160 kg
  • Seat pole size: 33.9mm
  • Cannot install magnet
  • Bottom Axis: Taiwan Sanyun bearing bottom axis
  • Disc Brake: Taiwan Yinxing disc brake
  • Handlebar: Aluminum alloy adjustable quick-release handlebar
  • Seat: MTB hollow sports seat
  • Gear shift: Taiwan SHIMANO brand transmission
  • Paint: 6 layers of 3 colors German electrostatic paint
  • Rim: 20inch Spoke Wheel or 22inch Magnesium alloy Sport wheel
  • Tire Psi: 40-65
  • Gear: 14-28T seven-speed positioning flywheel
  • Crankset: 52T Prowheel aluminum alloy crank crankset
  • Hub: Magnesium alloy-body bearing hub
  • Tire: Taiwanese Brand - Jianda Tire
  • Grip: Ergonomic anode locking grip
  • Seat tube clamp: aluminum alloy seat tube
  • Chain: KMC positioning dedicated chain
  • Side bracket: aluminum alloy bracket
  • Can install Front Carrier Block

20inch using Kenda Tire 20 x 1.50 Model 40-406 
Air Pressure: min 40-65 psi
(22inch is also know as 20inch 451 model) 22inch kenda kwest 20 x 1 1/8 (1.25)  Model 28-451
Air Pressure: min 40-65 psi

Colour of the Handlebar Grip might change without prior notice 
Note: Due to bulk manufacturing, product color and type may vary slightly. 
Note: As much as we take great care during transportation, it is inevitable that there might be some minor cosmetic defects incurred.

What's the difference between HITO X4/X6 20inch and 22inch?

Both 20 and 22inch is using 20inch tyres, with only 406mm and 451mm difference.

Here are the differences:


Come with 20inch Spoke Rim.

Original come with Kenda 406 tyres 20x1.50.

Able to change to max width 20x1.95.

*The bigger the tyre width, the slower it gets*

Speed wise is slower compare to 22inch.

Tyre choices look out for model code 20inch 406

22" (Manufacturer call it 22inch, but it’s under 20inch 451 model)

Comes with 20inch cast magnesium Sport Rim with 451 tyres.

Original come with Kenda 451 20x 1 1/8"

Able to change outer tyre max to 451 20 X 1 3/8"

Speedy ride as tyre is much Slimer.

Tyre choices look out for model code 20inch 451

Hito X4 20inch Spoke Rim (406 Tire)

Hito X6 22inch Sport Rim (20 x 1.25 451 Tire with Magnesium Wheel Set)


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