HEPA Filter for Xiaomi Mi Robot 1 / 2 / Roborock Vacuum Cleaner (2 in 1 box)

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Filting without secondary pollution

Mi robot uses E11 level filter material and highly prevents all dust , its filting ratio on

0.3um size particle or above reaches up to 99.2% , so it effectively avoid secondary pollution during the vacuum working 

Filter Detection

Mi robot filter is detected all the time via Hall magnetic conductor , it will alert if filter not properly placed or no filter , to avoid that belower may get damaged due to none 

filter or dustbin installed

All in one design

Mi robot filter combines primary net filter and HEPA filter in a full frame , so it is very 

easy to replace or install

Well sealed without Leakage

Filter unit is sealed all around by PU material while wind chenna is also well sealed by 

EPDM texture . So it is very well sealed without any suction leakage .