Gravity Dual Bicycle Stand/ Double Bike Rack Hanger Two Bikes

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Own a bicycle? Want to save space?
Getting this rack will save up your space, making your place neat and tidy!

  • Gravity Dual Bicycle/Bike Rack Stand
  • Stylish and unique design
  • You need to hang a bike to stable the gravity rack to counterbalance the gravity. 
  • It's best you lean the gravity bike stand against the wall for stability.
  • Recommended to mount top hole into the wall for better stability. There is a hole on the top of the Gravity Bike Stand and extra screw given for you to mount.

Metal Freestanding Mountain Gravity Bike Stand  Bunk Bike Support Storage Stand Universal For Indoor Use Bicycle Accessory

EASY ASSEMBLY - Don't let the heavy duty construction fool you, this bike rack is easy to assemble.
VERSATILE - Adjustment arms allow adjustment for level and stable storage of any bike you want to hang on it.
HEAVY DUTY - Holds up to 125 lbs. Weight 20 lbs. and is 79 inches by 26 inches by 19 inches in size. This is the rack that the others have tried to imitate.
EASY TO USE - No complicated pulleys or mounting brackets, just stand it up and place your bikes on it, let gravity do the rest.
ROCK SOLID BASE - The rigid design allows a secure base for awkward cycles and offers extreme portability.

Size:  75*200CM

Max load: 50kg  

1.Design:Freestanding Unit Lets You Vertically Suspend Bikes in Garage, Shed, Porch, Apartment or Other Indoor Area for Amazing Space-Saving Convenience | Move From Room to Room As Needed

2.Portable: Connect base legs, support columns, crossbars & arms in minutes & stand is ready for use. Clear instructions make installation simple for both novices & pros.

3.Best Choice: Unique, infinitely adjustable arms that can be easily adjusted to fit any bike.

4.Robust Steel Construction: Super durable design includes heavy, impact-resistant brackets and supports; robust, adjustable feet for optimal balance

5.Coating:Smooth black powder-coated finish ensures reliable, long-lasting performance.

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