Dual Bicycle Tower Rack Stand/Bike Stand Floor to Ceiling

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An elegant solution for storing your bikes. 
Looks great in the house or in the HDB common area. 
Includes two bike mounts hanger, Able to purchase extra mount hanger to holds up more bikes.

Installation video guide: https://youtu.be/FQ8NKURWV7Q

  • Bicycle Dual Tower Rack
  • 360 Degree Rotation

Own a bicycle? Want to save space?

Getting this rack will save up your space, making your place neat and tidy!


Worried about the thought of seeing your bike get stolen when you leave them outside when there's limited space at home? - Well, bike pole mount is just what you need! - With this Bike Pole Mount, you can store 2 bikes with minimal space used. - It has an extendable pole that makes it suitable for most ceiling. -Not suitable for FALSE CEILING- Get your very own bike pole mount today!

Description: - This unique designed bicycle rack to help you save room space for keeping your bike nicely in a vertical way - This pole/stand is a good idea to use in it Condominium or apartment to allow you to have more space - Each pole come with 2 standard rubber arm/hook allowed you hang 2 bicycles in a single direction - Optimal bike hangers can store all kind of bikes

Specification: Each hanger: max load 30kg per hanger

Max Height: Up to 4 meters or 13 feets Packaging

Weight: 8kg

Aluminum Color

Adjustable length with quick release knob, no tools required, Package consist of 4.5cm and 5cm Hook

Bicycle Dual Tower Rack Packaging Box Size Measurement: 174cm x 14cm  x 14cm 

Bicycle Dual Tower Rack


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