Deerma Electric Hot Water Cup DEM-DR035

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-   The 350ml is light and portable, and the grip of a bottle of mineral water is effortless.
-   With the electric water cup, the hotel has a healthy glass of water.
Breakfast cup, heated milk, boiled eggs.
-   Tea, milk, and multi-purpose use.
-   IMD real-time water temperature screen, at a glance, not afraid of hot mouth.
-   Temperature customization, 40-90° C to meet different needs.
-   Automatic cycle heating to keep the water temperature constant at the selected temperature.
-   Automatic pressure relief on the way, no need to open the cover.
-   304 stainless steel liner, does not release impurities, safe and healthy.
-   2 large function touch buttons, which integrate the water temperature display and extend the beauty.

Brand: Deerma
Model: DEM-DR035
Water Capacity: 350ml
Rated Voltage: 220V
Rated Frequency: 50Hz
Power: 300W
Operation Mode: Touch Button Display
Heating Temperature Range: 40-90℃
Product weight: 670g
Package Size: Approx. 24*9*9cm/ 9.44* 3.54*3.54cm