CNC Chain Tensioner Ultralight Rear Derailleur Brompton Pikes 3sixty WeekEight Bicycle upgrade

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Brand: 3Sixty
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Trimming fee is $15 for 3sixty and pikes
Labour $20 for installation

Brompton no need milling,
Pikes and 3Sixty need Milling in order to use this.

* Miling is require to fit into 3Sixty and Pikes

Ultralight Rear Derailleur Chain Tensioner 2/3/6 Speeds Alloy for Brompton
3SIXTY Black Chain Tensioner Set for Brompton Bike Parts 3 Speed with Guide Wheels Rear Derailleur
Bicycle upgrade

Aluminum alloy chain tensioner can support single speed, 2 speed, 3 speed and 6 speed. 
Both internal and external changes can be used.

The body is made of aluminum alloy CNC processing, and the guide wheel is equipped with a bearing to ensure that the outer frame shield does not move. 
Only the intermediate gear rotates, which is more conducive to speed change.

Color: Black, Silver, Gold, Red, Titanium
Chain tensioner weight: 132g
Weight of a pair of guide wheels: 45g

Support: 2/3/ 6 speeds
Compatible with brompton tensioner

Customise, modify and upgrade your Brompton.

chain tensioner with jockey wheels for you to upgrade your boring plastic tensioner.

This pair of ace tensioner is CNC machined from 6061 series Aluminum and comes with a pair of seal bearing jockey wheels to improve your shifting. 
A direct replacement to your stock tensioner and works with 1/2/3/6 speeds Brompton.

This version 3 has a lower profile bearing and will work with 3/6 speed internal hub.