Bottle Cap Humidifier Filter Sticks [5pcs]

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Filter sticks 5 pieces for $3

Fill any bottle or glass with purified water, place the USB Portable Humidifier 

into the opening making sure to immerse the filter, and plug it into a USB port for instant comfort. 
It adds moisture to the air to provide relief from colds, coughs, dry skin and headaches. 

This portable humidifier can also be used as an aroma diffuser when essential oils are added to the water, 
and even as a mister during hot days when used with cold water. 
It may be small but it is mighty, affecting over 16 square feet when in use. 
It also houses a soft blue light that is visible in the dark, giving ambient lighting. 


With the advanced atomization, effectively fresh air and increase the moisture

Low power consumption, energy-saving, environmental protection

Simple bottle cap shaped design, easy to carry

The release of a large number of negative ions to improve air quality

Keep the air at a comfortable moisture level to help protect your skin

It’s easy to use, just plug into your PC’s USB port

It can be widely used at home, in car, in office, in travel, etc

A good decoration for your table

Noiseless and practical  


Voltage DC 5V

Power 2W

Humidification Amount: 40ml/h

Humidification Area: Range 5 Square Meters

Dimenions: 2.95 x 2.36" / 7.5 x 6cm

Weight: 4.59 oz / 130 g

Bottle Cap Humidifier FAQ

Q: What is the area of coverage by the humidifier?

A: 5m square. About half a room or workstation

Q: What is the technology used in generating the water fumes?

A: Ultrasonic Technology. It uses a vibrating plate which resonates at the speed of sound turning water into the fumes. 

Q: What is the length of each filter that comes with each set

A: The length of the filter is 12cm. (2 pieces in each box). Best to use them in smaller mineral water bottles.

Q: The mist produced is rather weak. Is this normal?

A: On first use, the filter is new and needs some time to soften so that more water get carried to the top. 

After 30min-1hr, it should be better. 

Please also check that the filter is pushed up all the way into the cap. 

Q: The mist is still weak. What can i do about it?

A: Some customers have feedback that they actually got bigger mist when they changed the USB cable to their handphone charging cable or other cables.

Q: Which brands of mineral water bottle can be used with the bottlecap humidifier?

A: The humidifier does not works with all mineral bottles as the screw thread is different. 

We have tried this on EVIAN and Dasani mineral bottle and it fits perfectly.

Q: There is no mist when i switch on the humidifier. There is light but no mist is coming. 

A: Before emailing and claiming that the item is spolit. Please help to do 2 checks.

1) Ensure filter is pushed in firmly into the cap and water is being sucked all the way up to the top.

2) You can invert the bottlecap such that the mist would be produced facing down. drip a few drops of water into the plate and check if mist is produced. 

Sometimes, the filter is not tight and can slip

3) If all else fails, please contact us.

Q: How long does a filter last?

A: A filter can last 4 months of regular use. 
(To purchase more filter on above option or visit

Q: How many filters are there in the package?

A: There are 2 filters in the package

Q: Do you sell longer filters? The 12cm filter does not reach the full depth of my bottle

A: We did research and enquire from our supplier. 

Longer filter might make the transfer of water from the bottom to the bottle cap humidifier difficult and inefficient. 

12cm is the optimum.

Q: Does the humidifier auto shutdown if it  does not detect water.

A: No. User have to ensure that there is sufficient water.