Birdy Extension Ezwheel Easy Wheel Weekeight Litepro Bike Telescopic Rod Widened Easywheel Booster Bicycle Parking Push Wheel

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B3S1R5 / B9S3R5
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The aluminum alloy CNC cutting process, adding hollow elements, makes the weight lighter while ensuring the strength, supports 18inch and 20inch wheels, and doesn't support bottle cage installation!
After installing the telescopic rod easy wheel, the birdy bike can be pushed directly after being folded.
Because after Bird 3 improves the compression volume, there will be a situation where the seatpost cannot be put to the bottom, which is a normal phenomenon, and when push the bike, the seatpost needs to be drawn out to a certain height.
Scope of application: suitable for disc brakes and (short) V brake calipers, (long) V brake calipers are not suitable for this type of implementation wheel
Material:aluminum alloy

Weight:ordinary style about 258g/set
Fit:suitable for birdy bike