Authentic INOKIM Protective Helmet

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Brand: INOKIM 

  Item number: V-17 color equipment series 
             Stunning color riding equipment, Inokim Queen's designer, 
             The new push style year, a rare adult children have a suitable number of yards. 

Category: Sports Helmets 

Material: ABS shell is made of imported raw materials, also known as plastic, 
       The general helmet uses ordinary domestic plastic, usually add a lot of outlet material, cheap and fragile 
             Black EPS inner shell with high-density foam, the most important layer of protection, the safety factor to standard helmets must have sufficient density, 
           The general helmet use ordinary domestic EPS, cut corners, get started very light, Yishuai on the break 
             Advanced silk fabrics lined strip (skin-sweat for added comfort) 

Packaging: shipped directly from the factory, a lot of helmets are not the original packaging, we will then be placed in plastic bags packed thick paper box to ensure that transportation will not be out of the situation 

Condition: New 

Goods Source: foreign goods exported to the US 

Factory Certification: ISO9001, American anti-terrorism certification 

Certification: By European standards (CE / CPSC)