As Seen On TV! Speed Out Damage Bolt Remover! Stripped Screw Remover Effective and Easy Remove in 10 seconds!

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Remove Any Stripped Screw In 10 Seconds Flat!

Patented system easily removes even the most stubborn stripped or damaged screw or bolt in 10 seconds or less. 

If you can use a drill, you can successfully remove flat, Phillips, hex or painted over screws…even if the entire head is broken off. 

Set is crafted of professional grade, durable hardened steel. 

* Removes any screw or bolt (Phillips, Flat, Hex, Painted and More!)

* Durable hardened steel construction
* Quick and easy to use!
* Works with any drills!
* Even works on jagged, uneven, or rough breaks
* Self centering tip, no walking
* Compatible with Quick Connect chuck systems
* Includes 4-pc Pro Grade set


Fix Stubborn Stripped Screw in 10 Seconds!

Your No.1 Handy Mandy Tool!