Aqua Perfect Hand Sanitiser [50 / 100ml / 200ml] sanitizer Korea La Grace

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Comes in 50ml, 100ml and 200ml

Ingredients: Mint 3 Complex, Leaf, tea and ethanol extract, 70%, Chalcedony hemp root extract, Rhubarb root extract, Fresh apple and mint flavor, Tea tree extract.

Kills up to 99,999% antibacterial

* Highlights *

- Mint 3 Complex: high antibacterial, anti-allergic, antiviral.

- Extract from tea and ethanol 70%: kill 99.999%, kill viruses

- The complex of 5 precious herbs (extracted from Chalcedony hawthorn root, extracted

Derived from rhubarb long leaves, fresh apples and mint flavor, extracted from tea tree leaves): brisket

Inhibiting the growth of tinea.

- It gives you a refreshing, mellow aroma.

User manual:

Take an appropriate amount on your palm and rub well until the palms, back of hands, fingers and nails dry.


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