Xiaomi Air Purifier Filters – Green vs Purple vs Grey, which one is best for you?

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07 Jan 2022

It is safe to say that Xiaomi spotted the early opportunity of introducing state-of-the-art air purifiers in the market - That not just purify your air but also get rid of all the bacteria and debris.

Though they are effective in their operations, there’s always a continuous debate of what Air Filter to choose for your particular need.

Do you want to remove dust or want to improve the air quality? Are you looking for a HEPA or non-HEPA filter? There are just so many questions.

While the market is filled with tons of options, we’ll simplify the selection process for you. In this post, we’ve reviewed the top Air filter from Xiaomi; Green vs Purple vs Grey, based on their material, effectiveness, features, function, and material.

But first of all, let’s understand what an Air filter is and how does it work.

How do Air Filters Work?

It’s tempting to think about filters as a microscopic version of kitchen sieves, which restricts large particles from getting through the sink while letting the small one’s past. An air purifier filter works on the same pattern, only in this case, the sieves are made from a tangled bundle of fine fibers.

Together, they create a narrow path for the air to pass through the medium, soaking away all the dust and debris. But what about the small particles that easily slip through the fibers?

This is where the inertia of Air filter comes in handy. As the filter continuously revolves, it further purifies the air with the help of specialized filters, mounted at the center.

Types of Air Purifier Filters

The Air filters are one of the most important components of an air purifier as they are responsible for the purification and filtration of the air itself. Xiaomi offers different types of air filters, which all serve different purposes. So, there are 3 filters to choose from; Green vs Purple vs Grey. Here’s a quick overview of each filter type and how they operate.

Filter Type - Green Color (Enhanced/Formaldehyde Version)

The filter is designed to target Formaldehyde in your home. Also called the Anti-formaldehyde, is a 360-Degree filter that features a triple layer of filtration system to remove odor, dust, and other harmful respirable particles.

According to the CDC: ‘Formaldehyde is a common type of chemical that can be emitted because of smoking, pressed wood, and other household items. Higher formaldehyde levels can be found in newer homes or houses that are near a construction place.’

The Xiaomi Anti-Formaldehyde filter is designed to deal with such harmful substances. It features a high-quality activated carbon filter provided with a primary H11-grade HEPA filter. The combined effort of both filters offers removal of up to 99.3% of microns.

Supported Models: 2, 2C, 2H, 2S, Pro, 3, and 3H.

Filter Type - Purple Color (Antibacterial Version)

Designed for those that are constantly suffering from health problems such as coughing or sneezing. The Xiaomi Air Purifier Antibacterial Filter is also a triple-layer, 360-degree filter that can help you kill bacteria of all types as well as dust mites.

It features a high-quality activated carbon filter with a primary Antibacterial filter (the website doesn’t mention if it’s EPA or HEPA filter). Both filters help in removing dust mites, odor, formaldehyde, bacteria, and other harmful substances.

Also, the Antibacterial filter is perfect for public areas and safe to use around kids and elders who are more sensitive to air quality.

Supported Models: 2, 2C, 2H, 2S, Pro, 3, and 3H.

Filter Type – Grey Color (HEPA Filter)

If you’re looking for a true HEPA filter with 99.97% of filtration accuracy, the Grey filter is best for you. It is a 360-Degree 3-layer filter that features activated carbon to remove TVOC, odor, formaldehyde, and other harmful substance.

Furthermore, the filter also stops fungal, bacteria, pollen, viruses, spores, and mechanical pollutants, including PM10 and PM2.5 (the main component of smog). The effectiveness of this filter is ensured by a round construction of an exchangeable cartridge, which will make the air in your room clean and fresh.

The material retains almost all the airborne microparticles and does not slow down the filter while in the process, providing an effective cleaning. Conventional air purifiers slow down the process when heavy particles enter the system. Xiaomi simplifies this operation by combining all three layers into one.

Supported Models: 2, 2C, 2H, 2S, Pro, 3, and 3H.

Short Summary

Air Filter

Antibacterial (Purple)

HEPA Filter (Grey)

Formaldehyde (Green)


  • The antibacterial layer can kill bacteria
  • Effectively eliminate dust mites, PM2.5 particles, and bacteria in the air
  • Filtration efficiency of 99.97%
  • Activated Carbon filter, remove TVOC, odor, and formaldehyde
  • Specially designed for removing formaldehyde, organic matter, smoke smell, etc
  • An activated carbon filter with a primary HEPA filter.

Best For

Kill bacteria and some viruses

Best for public space and use around kids/elders

Formaldehyde and toxic substance

What Filter should I pick?

Although we’ve mostly explained what air filter is best for what condition, if you’re still confused, there are two options you can opt for; HEPA or non-HEPA filter.

  • HEPA Filter

The HEPA filter is ranked as the best filter when it comes to filtering particles in minutes. This filter features a 3-layer of protection paired with an activated carbon layer for enhanced cleaning.

  • Non-HEPA Filter

If you aren’t fussy about filtration grade and just looking for something to clean your air, the Economic version (Purple) is best for you. However, it doesn’t mean that the filter is not good at all, it features an activated carbon layer that effectively targets dust mites and most bacteria.

Final Verdict

An air purifier filter is one of the most important part of the filtration system. It not only acts as a barrier between all the dust particles and fresh air, but it also removes impurities from the environment. As the company offers different types of Air filters, it is always important to first check your individual needs and then pick the filter color of your choice.



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