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07 Dec 2020

Planning to get an e-bike? Owned an e-bike but not sure of the rules and regulations?
Confused by all the different procedures to get your ownership transfer done?

Fret not as this is the ultimate guide to answer all your questions!

If you’re planning to get an e-bike or already owned one, these are the things you need to know!

  1. You have to be at least 16 years old to use a PAB.

According to LTA website,

A. Those under 16 years of age cannot ride PABs on cycling paths even if supervised by an adult.

B. Those under 16 years of age cannot be carried as a passenger on a PAB on cycling paths.

Yes so even with an adult, you will not be able to ride on PAB if you’re under 16.

However, that’s okay because Passion Gadgets offers not only PAB but normal Bicycles here as well so you may get a Bicycle and cycle together with your parents/friends!

  1. PABs are allowed on Cycling Paths, Park Connectors and on Roads.

PABs are allowed on Cycling paths and Park Connectors with a speed limit of 25km/h and keep within the speed limit on roads (not allowed on expressway and road tunnels). Do note that under the Road Traffic Act, it is mandatory for PAB riders to wear a helmet when riding on roads. PABs are not allowed on footpaths. You will need to switch on front white and rear red light in the dark.

You know where to get your helmets to use on roads!

  1. You’ll be fined for illegal modifications to your PAB.

Guidelines on PABs and PMDs

Illegally modifying your PAB for a moment of fun will jeopardize you and other road user’s safety.  So think thrice before modifying your already-perfect PABs!

  1. Transfer of ownership must be done within 7 Calendar days.

If you’re purchasing or purchased an e-bike from us, you will receive a link to One Motoring’s website from us via email and SMS for you to accept the ownership.
Follow the steps shown in the video below to complete the transfer.
Do note you will have to pay SGD11 for this so get your debit/credit card ready for the payment.


  1. All PABs must be registered with LTA.

Power-assisted bicycles (PABs) must be sealed with the LTA approval seal, registered, and affixed with a rear registration number plate. 

Not sure why I added this as all Passion Gadgets PABs are LTA approved and registered so you do not have to worry if you are purchasing from us.

For other users if your PAB does not have an LTA orange seal, refer to the link below on how to register your PAB!


Ready to own one PAB after reading?
Head on down to our store at The Commerze @ Irving for test ride and purchase one from here from our friendly staffs 

Looking forward to see you!

Keep calm and ride on.