Electric Scooter / PMD FAQ


Electric Scooter/PMD FAQ


Are E-scooters legal?

Definitely, although the rules and regulations regarding the use of such Personal Mobility devices are subjected to changes. This document here drafted by the Active Mobility Advisory Panel on 17 March 2016 may be used as a guide.

We will keep a look out for updates regarding LTA regulations on e-scooters. After which, we will adjust our e-scooter offerings accordingly. In light of the proposed regulations, the top speed of some of our scooters may surpass LTA proposed regulations. However, this can be easily remedied as we can perform an e scooter speed lock for you if you choose so.

Do I need to register with LTA Singapore?

No. Registration of e-scooters to be made mandatory from second half of 2018 Read more at here.

How do I select an E-Scooter that is suitable for me?

There are a few factors to consider.
• Speed
• Weight
• Millage

Speed: Although the power output varies with each model, the top speed of all models will have to be capped at 25km/hr in compliance with Land Transport Authority's guideline on personal mobility devices. We do offer e-scooter speed lock services to ensure that your scooter will comply LTA requirements.

Weight: Weight and form are crucial and often the determining factor when purchasing an E-scooter. Choose a weight that you are comfortable with. We recommend that you consider how the E-scooter will fit into your daily commute.

Millage: The battery capacity varies with each model, you should give this careful considerations if you are planning to cover long distances on a single charge. Some model do offer fast charging.

Wow, that's a lot of factors to consider. Is there any way for me to try out the scooters before deciding?

Sure, you are most welcome to give our scooters a try. Kindly head down to our retail shop located at The [email protected], #01-15, 1 Irving Place, Singapore 369546. Entrance near Loading Bay (1 min walk from Tai Seng MRT Exit A).

Alternatively, you may be interested in our Electric Scooter Rental Services.

What is the warranty policy for your scooters?

PassionGadgets warranty period varies for different models, kindly refer to the individual products page to see the warranty offered. We do offer extended warranty plans for a nominal top up. Warranty repairs are done in house at our service center. Please click here for our warranty terms.

Is there any difference between PMD vs PAB?

Yes. PMD stands for Personal Mobility Devicies. Vehicles such as unicycles, hoverboards and electric scooters belong to this classification. Currenly, only regulations have been proposed to LTA and are not in force yet.

On the other hand, PAB refers to Personal Assisted Bikes. This refers to electric bikes. Regulations applicable to PAB are currently in force. All PAB are required to be checked and approved by LTA. Those that satisfy LTA regulations will be affixed with a blue seal. More details can be found here .

If a seller claims that a PAB is LTA approved, you can verify this by looking out for the blue seal affixed by LTA. Do note that for PMD, there is no seal yet as regulations applicable to PMD are not in force.

Access for folding devices, PMD on trains and buses

Click here for more details.

LTA's Physical Criteria for Personal Mobility Devices

To ensure the safety of all users, the Panel recommends the following physical criteria for all PMDs:
• Maximum device speed of 25km/h (for motorised devices only);
• Maximum width of 700mm; and
• Maximum un-laden weight of 20kg.

For more information, please visit the website here.


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