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PassionGadgets Electric Scooter Rental Services

At PassionGadgets, we understand that many customers head down to our retail shop to experience our scooter offerings before committing to a purchase of their dream scooter. 

Yes, indeed an electronic scooter is no small purchase and for the passionate rider, purchasing a scooter is akin to searching for a lifelong partner. 

So, we thought "can't we do better?"

Introducing our Electric scooter Rental (aka Dating) services.

Choose a potential "partner" from our numerous electronic scooter models listed.

As with all concern parents, we only ask that you take good care of our "daughters" (scooters) and be a gentleman by paying for their "meals" (daily rental fees). 

Rental fees:
SGD $6/day
SGD $29/week
SGD $89/month

If you fall giddly in love with our scooters and decide to purchase one from us, we will gladly waiver 1 day rental fees that was incurred.

Steps to bring our scooters out for a date

1. Call ahead at 91814105 or contact us at [email protected] to check on scooter models availability. 

2. Head down to our warehouse with your NRIC/PASSPORT for Verification, if you have not opted for delivery.

3. Make upfront payment for rental charges by Nets / GrabPay / PayNow/ FavePay. 

4. Security Deposit value of $200.00 of your selected scooter model to be paid upfront in Cash / GrabPay / PayNow / FavePay / Nets (10% admin fee applies for GrabPay, PayNow, FavePay, Nets.) (Deposit is refundable once scooter is returned and in a condition acceptable by our staffs).

Terms and Conditions

A security deposit in cash of $200.00 is required for each scooter unit rented. 

Booking is on a first-come-first-serve basis.

Our friendly staff will run through and verify the condition of our scooters with you before handing it over. The scooter condition upon handover will be taken as a reference for determining if any damage is sustained during the rental.

 Deposit to be refunded will be adjusted should there be:

  • Physical damages to the scooter.
  • Part of scooter is broken/damaged.
  • Loss of scooter.

In the event that the damage to the scooter necessitates incurring repair cost in excess of the value of deposit, not only will the deposit not be refunded, you will also be liable for the additional cost of repair


If you fails to return the scooter on the date stated, nor did you inform us for extension, there will be a $2/day late charge on top of the daily rental fee of $6/day on going until you return us.

As much as we trust our customers, we may be forced to enlist the help of the police if you had not contacted us and failed to return the scooter within 3 days of the agreed return date.

Electric Scooter Rental


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