How to Retrieve Your PMD Logcard from The LTA

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05 Jul 2019

How to retrieve your PMD logcard from the LTA

Some services such as GrabFood will ask for your PMD proof of registration via your PMD logcard along with a photo of your PMD before you can apply as a PMD delivery rider. Here is how you obtain your PMD logcard:

Step 1: After logging into, scroll down to your dashboard and search for the PMD that you wish to use for your work by typing its registration number in the search bar and then clicking the registration number to access your PMD's information

Step 2: Click "View Details" to access your PMD's registration details

Click "Next"

 Step 3: Upon reaching the "Enquire e-scooter / PAB Details (Result)" page, scroll down till you see "Save as PDF" in the bottom of the page

Click "Save as PDF". This will automatically download the page as a printable PDF file into your PC or smartphone

Don't forget to also download the image of your scooter by clicking the photo of your e-scooter

This is what it looks like when you open the PDF file

*Hardcopies are usually not required and are only used for demonstration purposes

Congratulations! You can now send these files to GrabFood or any other company that requires them. Also, check out on how to register your PMD here





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