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Instax Camera Repair Service in Singapore

Looking for Fujifilm instax camera repair services in Singapore?

We're the first Instax Camera Repair Shop in Singapore. 

99% Guaranteed fix!

There are no beyond our ability to repair, so long as your instax camera belongs to
either mini 7, 7s, 8, 25, 50, 55i, 210, 90  
we will definitely get it fixed.

If your instax camera is under PassionGadgets warranty, simply bring the faulty camera back to us and we will do the rest. 

We take in repair even if your instax was purchased from elsewhere.

Technician will provide a free diagnose to review your instax condition first and advise on cost before repairing.

Contact us at 91814105. 

It comes with complimentary 12 months repair warranty. 

Problems include:

  • Error message on the screen. It blinks "E" and does not allow any photo-taking.
  • Polaroid does not develop.
  • Camera not able to turn on even after replacing a new set of film and batteries.
  • Films are coming out black after shot.
  • lights blinking red all the time after tried replacing a new set of film and a new set of batteries.
  • "E" error message. Can't take any polaroid pictures with it.
  • Films stuck when power on (Mini 25)
  • Weird sound coming out from camera and unable to take photos
  • 3 Blinking red lights on mini 7s Camera's mode dial

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