Which model is the lightest folding electric bike?

14 Jun 2019

Which model is the lightest folding electric bike?

Electric bikes are becoming one of the popular ways to travel one place to the other. An electric bike which is known as e-bike is a bicycle with an integrated electric motor for all purposes. As compared to purchasing a car, an electric bike is much cheaper with advantages like its low emissions, maintanence cost and etc. 

Nowadays, there are many variations of electric bikes available and it is hard to know which is the "best". The "best" could be contributed to attributes like its weight, cost and folding ability.However, DYU electric bike is known as the best and lightest folding e-bike.

  • Budget-friendly

As compared to other pedelecs, DYU is budget-friendly as it maintain its top quality and can withstand prolonged use.

For an added security feature, the DYU has been equiped with a locking system, personalizing the unlocking method. User can easily set a personal password to lock his/her DYU. Furthermore, it also has an anti-theft protection that informs him/her when his/her DYU has been moved. 

  • Lightweight

Lightweight is one of the biggest considerations when purchasing an e-bike. Unlike other e-bikes, DYU is considered as the best folding bike as it only weighs around 12-13kg. It is also portable and can be easily picked with just one hand. What makes it lightweight is the frame which is made of Aluminium alloy which is remarkably durable. However, this exquisite lightweight design of DYU also make it easy to be stolen and theft.

  • Stylish and beautiful appearances

There are three colours available: classic black, fashionable white and brilliant red. It is built with a powerful 250W motor, a mileage of 20km in pure electric mode and 45km in power mode. With this, it can reach a maximum speed of 25km/hr and a grade of 23 degrees.

DYU has an overall dimension of 102 x50.5 x 94 cm and can be reduced to 102 x 20 x 72 cm when folded. When folded, it can fit into any space like the trunk or back seat of a car. 




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