What is UL2272 Certification for E-scooter?

02 Jan 2019

The UL2272 Fire Safety Standard

This is a U.S. certification that is given to electrical mobility devices that have undergone thorough safety tests and have been found to meet all the safety standards. These devices are tested based on several components like the electrical and mechanical factor for safety, and even the impact of environmental factors, such as exposure to water and extreme cold or hot temperatures. Test results like charge imbalance and short-circuiting would imply that the device is defective and needs more work to correct these defections before it becomes certified.

In simple terms, the UL2272 was formulated by the U.S. Consumer Safety Product Commission (CSPC) to curb the increasing cases of fire accidents caused by hoverboards. The commission was extremely concerned about this increasing safety hazard, seeing that within a duration of not more than 3 months (between the end of 2017 and the beginning of 2018), over 50 fire incidents had been reported by hoverboard users. In 2018, the UL2272 was then amended so that it would also include electrical mobility devices like electrical skateboards and electric scooters.

Certification of the Electric Scooter

The UL2272 was adopted as the required fire safety standard for mobility devices on September 10th 2018 by the Land Transport Authority (LTA) after the regulatory body passed the Land Transport (Enforcement Measures) Bill. The LTA made this move in order to tackle the increasing case of fires that are being caused by defective devices. These defective e-scooters are either being sold online by untrusted sellers, have undergone modification which is illegal, or simply not adhere to safety certification stipulations as required by The Standards, Productivity and Innovation Board (SPRING Singapore). The new fire safety standards will, therefore, prevent these illegal and unethical practices by sellers and retailers and, consequently, protect the end-user.

What Danger Does Uncertified Personal Mobility Devices (PMDs) Cause?

In Singapore alone, it is currently estimated that 99% of PMD models are not UL2272 certified. However, many brands and companies like ours, have safety tests implemented even before UL2272. As a part of the Consumer Protection (Safety Requirements) Regulations (CPSR), all of our e-scooters have been tested to specified safety standards and affixed with the SAFETY Mark before being sold to our customers. We would like to assure our customers that they will always be protected, they will use the devices comfortably and without worrying about any dangers that they might be exposed to.

How many PMD-related fire incidents have there been in Singapore? 

The number of PMD-related fire incidents has been steadily increasing, with more than 90 such cases since 2016.

What are the causes of PMD fires?

It is often difficult to determine the exact cause of the fires due to the extent of fire damage to the PMDs involved. However, based on literature reviews and consultations with the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF), PMD fires can be caused by an electrical anomaly to the electrical circuitry or batteries, which could result from various factors, but not limited to, physical damage to the device, overcharging of rechargeable batteries, use of an unsuitable charger/battery, or manufacturing defects. 
When the battery overheats, the flammable gases released from the battery can ignite when it comes into contact with an ignition source such as excessive heat, a spark or a flame, which could lead to a fire/explosion.

When will the UL22722 Actually be Implemented?

During the second reading of the Bill, Dr Lam Pin Min, Senior Minister of State Transport, said in Parliament that "Existing owners of motorised PMDs which are not UL2272-compliant can continue to use their devices until end-2020". However, by 2021, the UL2272 safety standard must be met by all PMDs. Also, all sellers must comply with this safety standard by July 2019.

The Effect of the UL2272 on PMD Riders or Consumers

The UL2272 certification increases the safety standards of PMDs and protects the riders or consumers across the industry from fire incidents and other related hazards. Therefore, as a rider or consumer, buying a UL2272 certified PMD will result in having a sense of assurance and protection as the PMD has undergone comprehensive safety tests thus, being able to enjoy using it without worrying about any possible hazards.

Should I buy an uncertified e-Scooter now or later for a UL2272 certified e-Scooter?

First of all, what are your personal needs? Will buying an e-scooter help you to travel around better? These are questions that you can ponder upon when you are considering to buy an e-scooter. Plus, on average, the lifespan of an e-scooter's battery is approximately 2 ½ years. This means that you will have 2 full years to use your e-scooter if you buy it today. And just like other electronics like phones and televisions, new and improved e-scooter models will be made available in our company every year, and you can upgrade whenever you want.

Secondly, the price of PMDs that have been UL2272 certified will cost more thus, if you are cash-tight but in need of an e-scooter, you should consider purchasing our e-scooters soon before they become more expensive.

Are there any UL2272 certified e-scooters I can purchase now?

As of 28 December 2018, our Ninebot by Segway's ES2 e-scooter is UL2272 certified. We are working to get more of our e-scooters UL2272 certified soon!



I have a problem, now my e-scooter is Futecher brand (Speedway 4). It seem like never meet the requirements. I want to trade in and sell off for another model. Will your side accept trade in. I seldom use, due to the LTA officer alway at my side to catch and check.
Most Customers are buying Scooter without UL2272 certified now as still be used up to 2 years till 31 Dec 2020 with Free LTA registration( $20 fee waiver) by 31 March 2019. It's best to buy now as UL2272 will limit the many models in the market now.
Only Ninebot ES2 is UL2272 Certified. Most scooters in the market are non-ul2272, still able to use for 2 years till 2021.
Hi there, I bought an etwow booster from you guys about 2 years ago. Now with the new regulations, it fits all the criteria except the UL2272 certification, is there any way to get it certified?
No way to get the UL2272 as it certifies the whole scooter.
Similar to mobile phone battery that lasts 1-2years.
After 2021, Scooters without UL2272 can be trade-in and topup for Scooters with UL2272.
Trade-in details will be announced in 2021.