UL2272 & PMD Registration Updates

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03 Jul 2019

UL2272 & PMD Registration Updates as of 1 July 2019

As the PMD registration deadline has passed, more of LTA's previously announced rules and regulations come into effect. Here are some of those rules:

1. It is now an offence to ride an unregistered PMD on public paths.

1 July 2019 marked the deadline to register your PMD with the LTA, any persons caught riding an unregistered PMD will recieve a fine of up to $2,000 and/or a jail term of up to 3 months.

2. You are now only allowed to register PMDs that are UL2272 certified or are non-UL2272 but was purchased before 1 July 2019.

Any application to register any non-UL2272 scooters purchased after 1 July 2019 will be rejected by the LTA. Transfering of registration for non-UL2272 devices is also no longer allowed.

3. You are now required to declare the date that your device was purchased at.

This can be done by inputing your date of purchase on the space available, once again non-UL2272 has to be purchased before 1 July 2019 or else it has to be UL2272 certified for you to be able to be registered. You are now also required to submit a photo of your purchase receipt as proof that you purchased your device at the date you indicated.

4. SingPost has dicontinued their PMD registration services since 30 June 2019.

All registration of PMDs can now only be done through the OneMotoring website at https://www.onemotoring.com.sg/escooter and can no longer be done at any and all SingPost offices

5. Retailers are no longer allowed to display and sell non-UL2272 devices.

As of 1 July 2019, it will be an offence to display and sell non-UL2272 devices, therefore as PMD users, we will only be allowed to buy UL2272 certified devices as of now, transferring of ownership of non-UL2272 devices will also be not allowed so you would no longer be able to legally purchase a second hand non-UL2272 scooter at places such as Carousell, etc.


That is all the updates for now, stay tuned for more future updates here at the PassionGadgets blog! Meanwhile also check out our new line of UL2272 certified scooters available now at https://www.passiongadgets.com/ul2272-e-scooters/





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