Singapore's E-scooter Identification Mark / Plate Number

21 Dec 2018

LTA Specification for E-scooter Identification Mark 

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Specifications for E-scooter Identification Mark

1. The Identification Mark must display the registration number assigned by LTA.

2. The registration number must be displayed in the following form:

(a) Black characters against a yellow background; or white characters against a black background.

(b) In a single vertical row, to be read from top to bottom, as illustrated in Diagram 1 below; or 

(c) In a single horizontal row, to be read from left to right, as illustrated in Diagram 2 below; or

(d) In two horizontal rows, to be read from left to right, with the numerals on the top row, and the letters on the bottom row, as illustrated in Diagram 3 below.

3. The figures or letters comprising the registration number must be:

(a) inscribed, printed, engraved or depicted on the surface of the identification mark in a manner that is not easily removable; and

(b) be in either a vertical or horizontal position so that every figure or letter is distinguishable to any person who may be in front of a registered e-scooter when it is in motion.

4. The Identification Mark must be:

(a) permanently affixed by way of a suitable adhesive substance, on the immovable part of the stem which is integral to the construct of the e-scooter; and

(b) affixed facing front, as near the front wheel as possible without being obstructed from view, or else on either side of the stem.

5. The Identification Mark must also satisfy all of the following dimensions and layout:

(a) each letter or figure must be 35 mm high, every part of each letter or figure must be 5 mm broad and the total space is taken by each letter or figure must be 25 mm wide, as illustrated by Diagram 4 below;

(b) the space between adjoining figures or letters must be 5 mm, as illustrated by Diagram 5 below;

(c) the margin between such part of any letter or figure nearest to the top, bottom, or sides of the identification mark, and the top or bottom of the identification mark, must be a minimum of 5 mm, as illustrated by Diagram 6 below;

(d) if the letters or figures are displayed in 2 rows as permitted by paragraph 2, the space between the letters or figures in the top row and the bottom row must be 5 mm, as illustrated by Diagram 7 below.

6. No figure, letter, advertisement, ornament or other thing is to be affixed or attached near the Identification Mark in such manner as to obscure the Identification Mark, or to cause the Identification Mark to become indistinguishable.


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