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15 Feb 2019

Welcome! Before you begin with anything, take a look at the rules for PMDS, choose the correct scooter for your needs that fits within the criteria by the LTA. 

Planning to kick off your journey with a PMD to assist you with your daily commute but do not know what are the basic do and donts for using a PMD? 

Just purchased a new kiddy bar and just can't figure out how to install it after trying it for so many times? 

Screeching sounds coming from your tyres? Can't seem to brake properly everytime? Schedule is just too packed to bring your PMD down to a nearby service centre for tuning of brakes? Fret not, PassionGadgets is here to guide you along step by step

Punctured tyres? Simple as it may seems, sometimes things just doesn't work the way you want it to be, missing some tools or just not doing it correctly. We, PassionGadgets crew are here to help you with it. Step by step, slowly, breathe in and out, KEEP CALM AND START PUMPINGGG



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