Is PMD really on the verge of being BANNED?!

24 Oct 2019

Current news on PMD. Is it worth buying now?

As of late, we have heard numerous news and talks about accidents involving PMDs (Personal Mobility Devices). Fret not, while all these accidents 
are unavoidable, you as a PMD rider can do your part to prevent these from happening!

How do we do that? Easy, follow the rules for PMDs. LTA has implemented rules and regulations for PMDs. Technically speaking, if you follow these you 
are already doing your part as a safe PMD rider.

All bicycles, PMDs and PABs have to meet these criterias:
Maximum weight of 20kg 
Maximum width of 70cm 
Maximum capped speed of 25km/h
UL2272 certified (the latest regulation introduced by LTA)

These laws and regulations have been implemented to help ensure the safety of path/road users. It is prudent to follow these rules, failure to comply 
may face a hefty amount of fine and/or a period of jail-time. 
Let us not forget that you are supposed to ride your PMD at 10km/h on footpaths! Gotta watch out for the pedestrians. Speeding is a huge no-no as it is the highest cause of PMD accidents. Just to be on the safe side, always take note of your speed.

Time to get analyse the recent news. Let’s get down to business!

So, as you must have heard, tons of people are talking about banning PMDs in Singapore. As stated by Dr Janil, a ban in PMD is not necessary 
but if the situations and behaviours of PMD riders do not improve, they will have no choice but to ban it. 

"We shouldn't straightaway have an immediate reaction just because of a small number of people who behave badly"

"We don't think particularly think that ban is what we need to do right now"

Yikes, what a news huh. Pretty sure you are second guessing on owning a PMD now, hmmm. Probably hesitating on whether to get that snazzy 
PMD that you have been eyeing. Worry not, PMD is important to some Singaporeans. With this in mind, most PMD users do follow the rules 
and are responsible people too.

Have you read some of the news of PMD users helping out people in need? 

Sure the news of them getting in accidents are more widely spread, but we must not forget about their good deeds.

They could have just left the scene, they would not be held accountable for not helping; instead they chose to help out. 
These are good Samaritans, whether they ride PMDs or not. 
We should not confuse a rider’s attitude with the general usage of PMDs.

Think about it, would you always remember to look on the positive side of all the issues that is happening around you
or would you only focus on the negative issues that has been spreading around you. PMD can be a great help for people who are using it for a living or even a transportation aid. 

Last but not least, think of the transportation fee you are saving with a PMD compared to taking a public transport. 

You and Us, together, slowly we will acheive a car lite environment and a greener future for the future.