12 Jun 2019


Updates! With the newly implemented UL2272 certification safety standard from LTA (Land Transport Authority), we will be bringing in UL2272 certified FIIDO e-scooters in mid-July 2019!

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Do take some time to read through this article to prepare yourself if you are planning to buy a FIIDO e-scooter!


Introducing FIIDO Q1 Electric Scooter

A 17KG beast that can lasts up to 55km! (provided you do not have child seat or the rear basket add-on)
It will be a 19.23KG BEAST that can lasts up to 55km if you have the child seat and rear basket add-on!

With the new implementation of the UL2272 certification safety standard from LTA (Land Transport Authority), FIIDO e-scooter is undergoing the tests needed for the UL2272 certifications.

No worries, we will be bringing in the UL2272 certified FIIDO to quench your thirst for this particular e-scooter. With it being UL2272 certified, you can it even after 31st December 2020 when non-UL2272 certified scooters will be disallowed from public paths.

I am sure that everyone knows of the rising demand for FIIDO Q1 Electric Scooter. The main reason of the demand was due to its concept on child-friendly. During the last session, I just briefly touched on the exterior design and specifications of the electric scooter due to time constraints.

Today, after half a month of practical experiences with FIIDO Q1 Electric Scooter, I am going to give a detailed review on the product based on the official specifications and my personal experiences with this snazzy electric scooter. Hopefully this article will give you a clearer picture on the electric scooter, something to help soothe your queries regarding this scooter.

For this category of electric scooter, safety standards are always the first priority concern for users. With a speed limit capped at 20km/hour (which is definitely LTA compliant ;)), FIIDO Q1 Electric Scooter fully adheres to road safety regulations.

Based on my personal experiences with the FIIDO Q1 Electric Scooter, its speed is more than sufficient to provide you with a safe and relaxing ride within the crowded city of Singapore.

If you are looking for the highlight of the ride, I will tell you that the best part about FIIDO Q1 Electric Scooter is its lightweight design!

With female users as the target market, the manufacturer built with keeping it lightweight in its mind; the ride at the weighs 17kg (with no child seat and rear basket added on, mind you) which is light and easy-to-carry around.

On top of this, FIIDO Q1 Electric Scooter is small in size, fits well into lift space and doorway too. You may even move it into your house and store it at your balcony.

The compact design of FIIDO Q1 truly attracted my interest because other similar products in the market might not be able to give me all these much needed convenience.

In contrast to other electric scooters in the market, FIIDO Q1 Electric Scooter is different in its unique design. During my past few days of ride, I was constantly asked, “Is this an electric scooter?” “Where is the battery compartment?”. I would have asked the same questions if I’m not a user myself.

For this, I am deeply impressed by the manufacturer’s decision on the battery. FIIDO Q1 Electric Scooter was designed by using powerful Lithium Battery instead of the bulky normal battery which further enhances the travel distance of the ride, truly one of the reason why FIIDO is very much sought after.

Besides being light and compact, the faucet of the electric scooter was designed to be user-friendly and foldable. With the foldable feature, we can load the electric scooter into the back of normal SUV vehicle hassle-free! In addition to this, transitions and usage of the electric scooter is much easier, talk about conveniences huh.

In the official statement, FIIDO Q1 Electric Scooter was claimed to perform at a maximum travel distance of 56km and minimum travel distance of 41km. For the actual ride, FIIDO Q1 Electric Scooter might perform differently due to factors such as road surfaces and weight load.

For example, I have test ride it on average city road surfaces with my child. Measuring my weight of 67kg and my child at 25kg (a total of 92kg), it was able to achieve a travel distance of 40km. FIIDO Q1 is one of my favorite ride, I have been using it frequently and charging it once every few days.

Honestly speaking, I am truly satisfied with its overall design, portability, lightweight and the ride performance.

Furthermore, motor plays a major part in this ride, FIIDO was designed with a specially engineered brushless toothed motor that provides stronger performance with lower power consumption.

I believe this is one of the reason that contributes to its long travel distance. During my practical ride, overall of the motor is up to comfort with acceptable operation noises and stable uphill experience.

Additional features to be mentioned on the FIIDO Q1 Electric Scooter are its unique two-in-one combination:

  • Horn system and headlamp,
  • Strong basket with reflective panels,
  • LCD display panel with half wrist throttle grip handle,
  • Front and rear disc brakes that help to give you a safer ride.

There is also, however, a further point to be considered. Other than its design and portability, FIIDO Q1 Electric Scooter focus the most on parenting and child-friendly features. The manufacturer installed a child seat in front of the rider seat for the convenience of parents. During the ride, children will be secured under parents’ sight zone and safety is more guaranteed. 

In conclusion, my two weeks of FIIDO experience is truly worth it and I am pleased with its overall design and long travel distance. And not to forget it’s exclusive child seat design which is a huge bonus for parents. That is all for my review on FIIDO Q1 Electric Scooter.

Thank you for reading this, hopefully you have a vague idea of what you are getting into when you buy a FIIDO scooter!




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