5 Advantages of Electric Scooters You Didn't Know

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24 Apr 2019

5 Advantages of Electric Scooters You Didn't Know

You may have seen these devices riding along the city area such as Marina Bay Sands, where they are available as rentals. These electric scooters are what gets us to where we want to be nowadays with increased efficiency, convenience and comfort as compared to other modes of transportation available. These electric scooters come in different shapes, specs and colours. The elegant features, riding experience and a comfortable ride make electric scooters the vehicle of choice for urban travelers. There are multiple advantages of the electric scooter, here the top 5 advantages of using electric scooters you didn’t know:


1. Greener Form of Transportation

As air pollution is becoming a major problem in most developed countries, it is important to find greener alternatives of transportation. Using an electric scooter is one of those alternatives, being powered solely on electrical power supplied by its battery, it effectively eliminates the emission of harmful exhaust gases that would be produced from driving a car.


2. Saves You Transportation Costs

With the rise of public transport fares and their decreased reliability, a more cost effective transport is needed to complement our fast paced lifestyles. That's where electric scooters come in, by eliminating the constant need to pay for bus or train fares, we can effectively cut down transportation costs, thus saving us more money, not to mention, ease of mind knowing we can avoid things such as train breakdowns and heavy traffic.


3. A Comfortable and Effortless Riding Experience

Whether you choose to ride a standing or seated electric scooter, they both have one thing in common, comfort. An electric scooter as compared to walking or cycling, requires little to no effort to bring you to your destination, whether it is to work, home or even to the park for some relaxation. This also saves you from having to endure crowded buses or trains, with electric scooters, you have the freedom to go anywhere with no sweat.


4. Moving In Style

Electric scooters come in many designs and sizes, the 2 most common types of scooters available in the market are the standing type (those that look like your everyday kick scooter) and the seated type (those that look like mini electric bicycles, just without the crank system). No two electric scooters are the same, every design is different with different applications and riding styles in mind, also many users choose to add accessories to further personalise their rides. Whatever the case may be, one can always look stylish when riding an electric scooter.


5. Unlimited Potential

A scooter's spec is not limited to whatever it was manufactured with, with users usually upgrading a scooter's performance and range for their individual needs such as climbing steeper slopes, carrying heavier loads or travelling longer distances. The possibilities are endless when it comes to scooter modifications, want better performance on slopes or in general? Just swap out the battery, controller and motor to one of higher voltage rating. Want to be able to go further? Just strap on an external battery and you will be able to travel to more or further places in one day without having to charge. There is no limit to how much you can upgrade your ride, it just depends on whether you can afford the upgrade.

With all these said, better to go out there and eperience it yourself by purchasing an electric scooter today and enjoy the convenience it brings.