Instax Camera Rental

PassionGadgets Instax Camera Rental

Mini 50 Black (Rental at $8 per day. Deposit of $50 is required)

  • 3 days = $24/total [i.e $8/day]
  • 7 days = $49/total [i.e $7/day]

Mini 25 White (Rental at $8 per day. Deposit of $50 is required)

  • 3 days = $24/total [i.e $8/day]
  • 7 days = $49/total [i.e $7/day]

Mini 8 (Rental at $5 per day. Deposit of $50 is required)

  • 3 days = $15/total [i.e $5/day]
  • 7 days = $28/total [i.e $4/day]

Inclusive of batteries (Do request for battery charger if more than 200 shots)

Rental prices stated are NOT inclusive of any films


A $50 refundable deposit is required for each camera unit rented

Cash payment only for rental & deposit.

Booking is on a first-come-first-serve basis
Deposit of $50 will NOT be refunded, should there be:

  • Physical damages to the camera.
  • Part of camera is broken/damaged
  • Loss of camera

If customer fails to return the camera on the date stated, we assume that you have extended the period of rental and will charge accordingly.
Do take note that if you fail to return the camera within 3 days without informing us, we will file a police report.


How do I Rent an Instax Camera?

1) Contact us via [email protected] or 91814105 to check the availability of cameras

2) Come over to our office to proceed with the rental procedure.


What do I need to bring when collecting the Instax camera?

1) Verification would be made via Identification Card

2) $50 Deposit per camera unit to be rented

3) Full payment for the Rental (Paynow / Paypal / Cash)


Which camera should I chose?

The Instax Mini 50S is considered the high-end model among the Instax Mini line. Like all the other models, it is just as easy to use, but comes with a lot of features to make the best of your instant photos. It has a high-performance flash mode that automatically calculates the brightness and adjusts the shutter speed accordingly. So it is a perfect choice for taking photos in subdued lighting and low-light situations. It even comes with a self-timer mode which is helpful to create two photos with a single press of the shutter. Its close-up lens provides superior performance even when the picture is captured from a distance up to 30 cm away. Choose this camera if you are taking pictures in places without good lighting or capturing pictures of a distant object!


The Instax Mini 25 is a compact and lightweight model that comes with a stylish design. This amazing instant camera is equipped with a close-up lens that enables photographers to shoot easily from a distance of up to 35 cm and, has two shutter buttons on the body making vertical and horizontal shooting much easier. The Instax Mini 25 even has a small mirror beside the lens allowing you to frame the perfect self-shots. Choose this camera if you are looking for a portable camera or a perfect selfie!


Instax Camera Rental



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