Xiaomi Ninebot Mini Remote Control Smart Self Balanced Scooter| Mini Segway

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Brand: Tyre Size: 10-11 inch
For collection of this product, kindly visit our warehouse / service centre. Display set available for Test Riding with no obligations at our Retail store! Compliant PMD and Singapore Spring Authority...
We strongly encourage customers to purchase extended warranty coverage as it's covers the most expensive parts (E.g. Battery, Motor, LCD Display, Controller)
For collection of this product, kindly visit our warehouse / service centre.
Display set available for Test Riding with no obligations at our Retail store!
Compliant PMD and Singapore Spring Authority Approved Safety Mark Charger

Click here for Maintenance Guide & Precautions.

Click here for Electric Scooter FAQ on Personal Mobility Devices (PMDs).

Xiaomi Scooter Ninebot Mini beeping sound is due to safety reason, speed limit will lock at low speed.

For instant unlocking of speed limit by using an overseas number,we charge $30 per unlock if you did not purchase from us. Free unlock if you purchased from us (We need your devices & Mobile apps)

Ninebot apps will display: Please note that this products can only be activated by mobile phone number of China Mainland, Hong Kong and Taiwan Regions

Starting speed is 4km/h,  
travel for 50km distance, it will unlock to 16km/h

Detailed Specifications:

Xiaomi Ninebot Mini Remote Control Smart Self Balanced Scooter / Mini Segway

Motor 60V 700W (350W each motor)
Battery 240wh
Distance 22km
Weight 12.8kg
Speed 16km/h 
Brake System body movement sensitivity
Dimensions 60.0 x 25.0 x 60.0 cm / 23.58 x 9.83 x 23.58 inches 
Tyre 10.5-inch Pneumatic tyres
Maximum Rider's Weight 85kg
Charging Time 4 hours
Optional Add on Seat -
Light yes, front and rear
Special feature Bluetooth application controls
Safety Standard LTA Standard, Spring Singapore (Safety Mark)  

* The specification can be changed by manufacturer without notice.

* The distance on the specifiction 60kg load flat terrain with 20km/h constant speed riding basis. 

* The driving distance can be shortened by the driving environment and the driving way of user.
* The distance can be affected by loaded weight, wind direct (wind speed), road condition, slope and tire condition.

Xiaomi Ninebot Mini vs Ninebot Mini Pro: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rbphsWfp6RA
Original Xiaomi Ninebot 700W Balance Stand up Electric Scooter 

1. Xiaomi two-wheeled self balancing electric scooter was designed in recent times. It has 2 built-in engines (power rate of each engine is 350W), making it faster and steadier. It has an average speed of 16km/h, and has 22km driving distance.2. The driving lamp, tail light, steering lamp and brake lamp is not only for safer driving, they are also great decorations. You can change the light color according to your preference.3.Think that it is already cool enough? Not at all, try to control this scooter using your mobile phone!! Connect the scooter with mobile phone through Bluetooth, it will become a "remote control scooter". Show it to your friends! Come on and get it, it is yours.

1.Easy to learn, take only 3 minutes to be a driving master2.Safe, brand guarantee and all parts are made of high quality materials3.Cool LED light makes it safer to drive, and maximum illumination distance of driving lamp is 5m4.Connect the scooter to your mobile phone through Bluetooth, by downloading an APP called Ninebot. Your smart phone will become burglar alarm, as well as an instrument panel.5. You can also diagnose the vehicle condition and edit individual settings6.Its high stationarity and balancing quality makes it easy to travel up a 15 degrees abrupt slope7.It’s instantaneous power is up to 2000W, with minimal noise generated.
General Brand: Xiaomi 
Type: Self Balancing Scooter 
For: Teenagers, Office Workers 
Material: Magnesium Alloy 
Color: White, Black 
Parameters Max Payload: 85kg 
Maximum Speed (km/h): 16km/h 
Mileage (depends on road and driver weight): Above 20km 
Braking Distance: 3.4m 
Permissible Gradient (depends on your weight): 10-15 degree 
Battery: 18650 lithium battery pack 
Rated Power: 700W 
Rated Voltage: DC 60V 
Charging Time: 4 Hours 
Charging Voltage: AC 100-240V 
Tire Diameter: 10.5 inches 
Applying Height: 120-200cm
Pedal Ground Clearance (no weight bearing): 80mm 
Bluetooth: Yes
Basic Information Product Weight: 12.800 kg 
Package Weight: 15.00 kg 
Product Dimension: 60.0 x 25.0 x 60.0 cm / 23.58 x 9.83 x 23.58 inches 
Package Dimension: 65.0 x 40.0 x 65.0 cm / 25.55 x 15.72 x 25.55 inches

Packages Includes:
1 x Xiaomi Scooter
1 x Charger
 Xiaomi Ninebot Mini Review
That's all for today unboxing review, hope you like it!
Highlight of Ninebot Mini
 - Speeds of up to 16km/h
- Climbs 15°inclines easily
- Compact, lightweight, shoulder-width length
- Weighs 12.8kg fits easily in the trunk of a car 
- High capacity battery pack, 22km in a single charge
- Smart phone controls
- Aerospace-grade magnesium alloy infrastructure 
Some questions raised :
Is this scooter safe
The scooter itself is very secure within its design scope so you can use it without any hesitation. However please make sure you follow the instructions on the manual and avoid doing some risky action. Don't ride this scooter into vehicle's lane and always wear a helmet as safety precaution
Can we ride this scooter during rainy day?
Although Xiaomi scooter are designed with waterproof(IP54) but we do not encourage you to ride it during rainy day. This is due to during rainy day the visibility decreases and your scooter might run into the potholes which might cause you lost balance and got injured. Pls do not ride it in rainy day. 
What are the requirements to ride this scooter?
The age (16-50) height must be within 120-200cm , maximun weight 85 kg. Do not ride after consume alcohol or had medicine!
What is the weight for this Ninebot mini scooter?
How fast is 16km/h?
Well, it is the speed of riding a normal bicycle, which is approximately 4 times faster than walking and 3 times the speed of brisk walking. Unlock speed 16km/h when distance travelled hit 50km. For instant unlock of speed with china mobile phone, we charge $25 per unlock.  Speed limit from 4km/h unlock to 10km/h
I am 85 kg. Does that mean i cannot ride this scooter?
It's still okay to ride on it as we tested this scooter with a staff with a weight of 124kg. However please be careful when you handle it. Do not brake or accelerate suddenly. The capability to travel upslope decreases but there is no problem with normal usage on smooth roads.
Can we sit on the scooter when we are riding?
Who to contact if i am facing problem with my scooter?
Please contact our customer service @ 81616271
Will there be any legal action if I ride this scooter? Do we need a license?
Currently, there isn’t law regarding the usage of the scooter. You may consult your local authorities and we suggest you to always follow the law and don't ride the scooter into public road. 




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