Xiaomi Deerma Air Humidifier 5L Air Aroma Diffuser Purifier DEM-F628S F-628 F628S UV Lamp Sterilization

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1 Year Warranty

[New Version] Deerma F628S UV Lamp Sterilization Smart Humidifier 5L Water Capacity 12-hour Timing Touch Display

Main Features:
● UV Lamp Purification
● Intelligent Constant Humidity
● Digital Environment Screen
● 12h Timing
● Integrated Deep Cleaning
● 30dB Quiet Operation
● 5L Massive Water Storage
● Aromatherapy x Humidification

Ideal humidity recommended level is  30-50 percent.
During summer, Air conditioners suck out the moisture from air thereby rendering it dry.
During winter, air becomes stale and dry.

F628S Humidifier Prevents:
Dry skin | Sinus congestion / Headache | Dry throat | Nose irritation | Dry cough | Cracked Lips | Bloody Noses

Brand: Deerma
Model: DEM-F268S
Material: HIPS
Cleaner Types: Humidifier
Water Capacity: 5L
Noise:  ≤ 30dB
Power: 25W
Voltage: 220V
Working Time: 12 Hours Timing
Operation Mode: Ultrasonic
Amount of Fog: 300ml/h
Safe Protection: Water Shortage & Power Failure Protection

Product weight: 1.75 kg
Product size: 18.7 x 20 x 29.5 cm 
Package Contents: 1 x Deerma DEM-F268S Humidifier, 1 x Manual, 1 x Power Cable (3pin SG Plug)

Friendly Reminder:
*Aroma Oil is strictly not allowed to put into humidifier water tank/ motor part which does not supports aroma oil, it voids the warranty. 
*Warranty does not cover leaking caused by aroma oil. 

ALL pure essential oils erode anything made from petrochemicals, like the plastic that comprises most diffusers and humidifier. However, oils containing citrus are particularly "corrosive", as are cinnamon, oregano and clove. Over time, deterioration of any plastic parts is to be expected. 
Essential oils store in glass bottles for a good reason.
Dilute the oil in water first, do not put it overnight.
We would suggest cleaning the base, after every use, with rubbing alcohol pad clean the oil residue out, and will get rid of the stickiness.

*For Model with Independent aroma oil space,please place it on the independent aroma oil space. 
*SIlver Ion are not included in this package.
*SG plug with safety mark

Design and dimensions

By design, the Deerma F628S humidifier is an interesting piece. The design does not scream, but it does not disappear. The device is white, made of HIPS (High Impact Polystyrene Sheet).

The dimensions are 18.7 x 20 x 29.5 cm so it does not take up much space. It weighs only 1.75 kg, which means that weight will not be a problem in the event of a transfer.

Volume 5 liters

Deerma F628S has a tank with a volume of up to 5 l . Thanks to the transparent volume, you can control the amount of water.

If you miss it, you don’t have to worry, because it has protection against lack of water. It can work for up to 12 hours . It has a water consumption for steam production of 300 ml / h .

Steam generation has up to 3 levels that you set as needed. Steam is produced by high-frequency oscillation based on UV waves, creating a “micro-fog” whose particles are 1-5 micro meters in size .

It also works as an aroma diffuser

Deerma F628S can be continuously moistened for up to 12 hours . Her working time is 8 hours. He takes a break for 2 hours.

However, the Deerma F628S is not just a humidifier. It can also take on the function of the aroma of a diffuser after the addition of an aromatic solution.


But this is not all. It can even play the role of an air purifier . A filter containing silver and copper ions is used for this .

It must be installed in a humidifier and then the steam is filtered through it, which enters the air in pure form.

Quiet operation and screen

The Deerma F628S is a really quiet device. Its sound does not exceed 30 dB. It won’t disturb you even during sleep.

It also has a screen at the bottom of the front. There are 4 touch buttons around the screen. One on / off, timer, UV cleaning and constant humidity maintenance.

Hold down the timer button for 3 seconds to turn off the screen and not disturb you.

The screen shows the current temperature and humidity in the room.

UV cleaning, constant humidity and deep cleaning

Deerma F628S has UV purification of steamed water. As a result, it is free of chemical pollution and only pure steam enters the room. This handy humidifier can maintain a constant humidity in the room compared to others. Comfortable humidity for a person is 45% – 50% , which keeps the Deerma F628S to make you feel comfortable and comfortable.

It also has an integrated deep cleaning. Inside the purifier, there is an integrated one-way path with UV light where water penetrates. The water is purified in a tank with UV light and then brought into an atomized state and out.